The Local Arts Scene

The Local Arts Scene

Hello Market Friends: 

Matt is guest writing this week! How’s it going? In spite of how many half bushels and bushels of peaches were sold last week, I’m sure you’ll be back for more. You should try a new variety like White Knight or Baby Gold and remember that however many are in your cart right now, you won’t regret having more. Same goes for the San Marzano tomatoes, which can be bought by the half bushel. If you missed out on corn last week, we have it in large supply from both Sosnicki and Kooner.

My go-to weekday dinner is Crispy Rice with a Fried Egg (adapted from Smitten Kitchen). Rice is cooked, cooled, then pan fried. Vinegar quick pickles carrotsonion, and kohlrabi. Thinly sliced cucumber gets added after to keep its texture. A quick dressing is whipped up with oil, green onions, and ginger. Top with a fried egg or two and dinner’s done before I noticed I was cooking. To all of you market aficionados, these ingredients probably scream local Ontario produce. I grew up going to grocery stores for groceries and the farmers’ markets down the street for a basket of peaches or a bag full of corn. It wasn’t until I started selling our farmers’ surplus produce at the market that I learned one could fill their kitchen with only locally grown food.

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Today, as I’m writing, the sky is baby blue and the humidity is taking the morning off. I can picture the farmers’ market I grew up with perfectly (although maybe the tables aren’t as tall as I remember) and I’d love to be there again with my mom, weighed down with corn and peaches. I think I’ll wrap this market news with a love letter to the most visually stunning food we have this week. It all tastes spectacular, but some things our vendors bring in leave your jaw on the floor.

The eggplants from Aldergrove look like dragon’s eggs to me. The eggplant pints from Kooner look like they’d be found in a video game’s lost woods and give you +30 health.

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Thorpe’s Romanesco zucchinis could have landed here from space but Buschbeck’s Summer Sausage could fit in hanging in a butcher shop a hundred years ago.

Marvelous Edibles has really cracked the code on small, colourful delights. Their summer squash packs, multi-coloured cherry tomatoes, and squash blossoms could convert anyone on the street to the farmers’ market fandom. I promise you frying up squash blossoms is as easy as it sounds and you’ll feel like royalty eating cheese stuffed flowers for lunch.

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The jars of Spade & Spoon’s maple butterGreenFlorin’s walnuts, and All Sorts Acres sheep milk show the pride each of our vendors take in harvesting and preparing the food they sell.

Every Thursday, The Greenhouse Eatery always delights the crew with their garlic and onion braids. When I walk past the stack of mushrooms from Summergreen, I just have to stop and take a peek inside one of those square white boxes. The mushrooms practically explode out of their container in all their spongy glory.

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Hearing people chat with Nicole at her pickup table, I’ve noticed that a lot of our customers are artists. Writers, painters, musicians, puppeteers, and the like. I can see why they’ve felt inspired to shop here and support another kind of local artist.

Our $5 off delivery promo continues! Our request that you spread the word continues!


Matt and the Market Crew