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Dufferin Grove Rocks! 💪

Yes, Dufferin Grove does rock, (obviously) – but you knew that! Such a smart bunch [...]

Finally – Spring Has Sprung! 

First market of April (2024) – bring it! Yup, that’s this Thursday – and where [...]

Long Weekend, Here We Come! 💪

So the saga continues? Of the spring that wouldn’t quite “spring”, I mean. haha  Well [...]

Springing Into Spring!

Yes folks, the year’s first equinox is already upon us – hope you enjoy it! [...]

More Good Things to Come!

So last week I talked about “marching ahead”, as we’d just started a new month. [...]

Marching Ahead With Joy!

With a new month already upon us, and a new season just looming, there really [...]

Farmers’ Markets Really Make Our Kitchens Special! 🥦🥕

Week after week, as I write this newsletter, I am (lovingly) reminded of how fortunate [...]

Winter Fun at Dufferin Grove Market! ❄️ 

What a market we had last week! Yes, we were “gifted” with a little extra [...]

So Much Beauty At Our Market! 😍

When Rodrigo, of Plan B Organics showed up with these gorgeous Romanesco broccoli, (pictured), I [...]

Happy Birthday Estelle!

Such a great market last week! Complete with a vendor birthday too! Yes, Estelle of [...]