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Make Hay When?

Make hay when?

On the country road where I grew up, we expected to hear our neighbours’ tractors at all hours during haying season, as they cut, baled and hauled a winter’s worth for their dairy herd. Last year, in the drought, the road was ominously quiet. This year there has been more than enough growth, but the […]

Linger Longer

Linger longer

Thursdays at Dufferin Grove are so lovely and lively at this time of year that you may want to plan an extended visit. We suggest arriving in good time to scoop up market treasures such as Niagara Lavender Farm’s first peaches, which will be making their debut. Then you can do the full circuit to load […]

Bumper to Bumper Crops!

Bumper to bumper crops!

The produce lists say it all. It’s high season! The freshest organic harvests in the land will be coming to the market: Shared Harvest Highlights: “We have fresh cooking onions, parsley, salad mix, purslane, lambsquarters (move over spinach), garlic, radish, turnips, kale, chard, callaloo, lettuce heads, ground cayenne powder and deep red pac choi.” Kevin […]

The Forecast

The forecast

Have you noticed how much growth trees are putting on this year? It’s one of the good things about the season we’ve had in Ontario, in contrast to reports of crops that couldn’t be planted due to rain, were lost to flooding, or engulfed in weeds because farmers couldn’t get onto their fields at the […]