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March 29th News

March 29th news

We had a very festive start to spring last week. Hope you got to try some ‘sap tea’ and samples of good things from the vendors to whet your appetite for the season ahead. Hope you also got to meet some of the Plan B Band pictured above: an improvisational, multi-player, evolving, sometimes tuneful ensemble […]

The First Market of SPRING!

The first market of spring!

Official Start of Spring Checklist:  First Robin Sighting: check! Witchhazel is in Bloom: check! Day is longer than Night: check! Sap is Running: check! Seedlings are up in Farmers’ Greenhouses: check! It’s Time to Celebrate the Arrival of a New Season! Here’s what’s happening this week, for the FIRST MARKET OF SPRING! Thursday, March 22nd, 3 […]

Sap’s Running!

Sap's running!

Don’t worry, winter lovers, I’m not saying there won’t be more of that beautiful white stuff, but the word from the sugar bush is that the first, secret sign of spring is flowing in the maple trees.  Old-timers say the earliest and sweetest sap runs down from the branches to the roots, and then the […]