Sap’s Running!

Sap's Running!

Don’t worry, winter lovers, I’m not saying there won’t be more of that beautiful white stuff, but the word from the sugar bush is that the first, secret sign of spring is flowing in the maple trees.  Old-timers say the earliest and sweetest sap runs down from the branches to the roots, and then the rest flows up. Whether that’s true or not I cannot say; it’s all invisible except for the drips flowing from the taps on sunny days.  You can ask Seth from Forbes Wild Foods or Blythe from Spade & Spoon for some syrup facts and folk-wisdom.

There are other signs of the coming spring too, though, especially if you keep in touch with farmers. Growers are starting to plant things–under cover, of course–so there will be the earliest crops possible. Your impatience will be rewarded!

Until then, our trusty year-round crew will keep us well-fed. Marvellous Edibles continues to put on an amazing spread, Kind Organics has lots of greens and sprouts to choose from, and we’ve got Everdale back this week with more fine veg, as well as Plan B filling in the gaps.

sap running
Wolf Chrapko, all-weather farmer

The chickens are starting to lay more as the days get longer, so head to Country Meadows or Bees Universe for delicious eggs.

Choose some wood-fired oven Park bread (Heidrun says a good load of wood has done great things for the baking), and top it with a good Monforte cheese.

If you’re still feeling winter’s chill. head for Ali Harris’s table to warm up, or try one of ChocoSol’s hot beverages along with some baking from DeFloured.

In other words, do the full circuit!

See you at the market,Anne Freeman

This week’s vendors:

Ali Harris: rotis, fritters, beverages
Bees Universe: honey, eggs, bee products
ChocoSol: chocolate, coffee, beverages
Country Meadows: olives, oil, eggs, cheeses
DeFloured: gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, salads, snacks
Everdale Organic Farm: organic veggies
Forbes Wild Foods: nuts, mushrooms & other wild foods
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad mixes, teas
Marvellous Edibles: pastured poultry, meats, organic vegetables
Monforte Dairy: many varieties of cheese
Plan B: organic produce
Spade & Spoon: pickles, jams, maple syrup, soup