Market News for the week of May 21st

Market News for the week of May 21st

Hello Market Friends:

Finally, some warmth! The recent frost may have damaged some fruit and berry blossoms. We are holding out hope that these crops have not been harmed too much, but it may be a while before growers can fully assess the impact of the crazy weather we had last week.

Although Bob Felhazi up at Pine River is always telling me tales of the cold winds that blow down the Alliston plain, he says he will have the first asparagus this week, and fiddleheads, too!!

Now don’t all rush to order at once; the site can’t always cope with the wild crowd of customers ordering Saturday at noon, and we are expecting a second boom after this news reminds everyone who didn’t jump in yesterday!

Please note: If an order appears frozen or incomplete, it probably isn’t, and you can inquire via or wait a few minutes and check your email before ordering again. If you are becoming a regular, we recommend opening an account on the site. One of the benefits is that you can check on orders you have made.

There are lots of nice things to share with you this week!

First of all, did you see the fine article in the Globe and Mail about Cheyenne Sundance last week?  Three cheers for Cheyenne‘s determination and activism!

Next, a wonderful announcement from Cynthia Morin, the generous facilitator of market Art Hives: market news for the week of may 21st

The Art Hive PopUp is back and going virtual. We look forward to connecting and creating with community again this season, at a safe distance. Gather together some items you want to create with and join us every Thursday 11 – 1pm through Zoom: 891 4366 8047
We hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome, all ages, no experience necessary, art for all.

arthiveactivities Find us on Instagram at ArtHivePopUp for updated details.

On to the next announcements:

We have a brand-new (to us) farmer joining us this week. Welcome to Derick Greenly of Summergreen, who is bringing us mushrooms and fiddleheads this week, and also choice shrubs and plants for your gardens soon!

I also heard from Connie Wiecha recently. Connie is a nurse like her mother Debbie was, and she has been working on the front lines of the pandemic in B.C. However, her family plans to drive east for the summer to tend the orchard along with her Dad, so if all goes according to plan, we will have those legendary peaches again!

Finally, an insider tip for the week:  Bees Universe’s small eggs are a great buy at $4/dozen! These are the first eggs laid by spring chickens, reputed to be the most nutritious and delicious. of all. But 2020 05 15 18.43.29 don’t just take it from me. folks, try some!

Thanks for your support!
Anne Freeman and the Shop Dufferin Grove team