A Handy Guide to Ordering Etiquette

Hello Market Friends:

I am sending this note a little earlier than last week, to remind you to place your order on www.dufferingrovemarket.ca before we run out of spots again!

You will be glad to know that even more of your favourite farmers and vendors are joining us. This time, for example, we have a great harvest of over-wintered kale from Ben and Jessie of Sosnicki Organic Produce, freshly made herbal remedies from Tara of Catalyst Community Herbals, delicious organic vegetarian sushi from Chi at Natural Japaneats, and Liz‘s fresh  Essa Seedlings sprouts.

Signs everywhere remind us that we are all in this together, and many lovely notes of appreciation continue to arrive, so I know I can assume that everyone would like to make it a bit easier to get the great food we are offering out to you. What follows is a brief and hopefully handy guide to ‘Ordering Etiquette’.

Please do (if at all possible):

  • place orders before Monday to avoid disappointment
  • leave a basket or box on your porch so it’s easy for the delivery crew to know where to leave your order
  • feel free to tip the delivery team by adding any amount to the optional packing fee and a note saying how much of the total is the tip
  • select a pickup time (rather than just leaving it to the site to assign one to you) if you have constraints in your schedule
  • accept that there will sometimes be minor variations in your order, such as one egg size up or down
  • let us know if your order has a serious omission or product quality issue so we can address it
  • remember that we are not Whole Foods or Amazon; we’re your neighbours doing this because we care about this community of farmers, vendors and eaters

Please do not (unless absolutely necessary):

  • ask us to switch orders from pickup to delivery, or vice versa, particularly well into Thursday afternoon
  • make multiple orders for the same week if you can hang on til next time, BUT if you really need to, write COMBO instead of your postal code on the second order to avoid 2 delivery fees (see, we do try to be nice!)
  • count on getting full, patient and calm attention to detailed inquiries on Saturday afternoons or Thursday afternoons.
  • worry if your delivery order arrives a bit late; barring exceptional circumstances, we promise it will get to you Thursday, but we can’t always say just when
  • come to pick up your order at a different time than the one on your order email (see last week’s Three Bears story)

Lest you think we are a grumpy bunch, it’s very exciting and rewarding to be working on this!
Thank you so much.
Anne Freeman, Peter Wills, and Crew

P.S. Don’t see your favourite vendor on the www.dufferingrovemarket.ca site? Check the Vendor pages to see who has other options for getting their products to you!