Why an onion?

Why an onion?

why an onion

I overheard an interesting conversation at last week’s market. One market shopper asked another, “If you could be, or had to be, any vegetable, which one would it be, and why?” I didn’t catch the response, but I asked myself the same question – and after careful and hypothetical consideration, my answer was, an onion! An onion has lots of layers, and delicately adds flavour to most any dishe it’s added to. And no need to worry about onion breath – eating some parsley afterward, will quickly fix that! So what about you? What veggie captures your essence? Visit the info table and share your thoughts  – I’d love to hear them!

Now speaking of onions and other fabulous edibles, the market will be full of them this week! I know I spread a teaser last week, making outrageous claims of Ben Sosnicki’s corn. Sorry about that, (got so excited) – but this week it should actually appear! As well, you’ll find a continuing abundance of tomatoes, squashes, beans, cauliflower, garlic, celery, and other glorious greens. Please visit all the usual suspects for delicious proof.

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First Fish will also be back, and (in case you didn’t your fill last week), Island Oysters is returning as well. But sadly, both Knuckle Down and Pine River send regrets as neither can be at market this week.

But in happier news, it’s Art Hive week! So please check out this creative and inclusive space that allows everyone to explore their artistic side! (At least for a day.)

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And for you park lovers, which I’m hoping is all of us, CELOS will be at market as well. Many of you are acquainted with Jutta Mason, who for some time, has been working on a plan for a “park conservancy”. Well this week, CELOS will be showing  their “cranky movie”, which explores the history of Dufferin Grove park. This is mainly to invite folks  to a meeting they are organizing on September 30th.

And I’m including one final reminder about the farm party at Ted Thorpe’s organic farm, this Sunday September 23, 2018. A great way to spend the first full day of fall! Visit his table at market, or Facebook page, for more info. And speaking of the fall equinox, are you ready? It’s taking place in Toronto this Saturday at 9:54pm, (September 22, 2018). Equal day and night – so amazing! Just in case you needed more encouragement to celebrate the harvest season.

Ok, and there’s just one last thing I need to send a reminder about. For dog owners, (and caregivers of dogs), please keep them on leashes at all times while at the market. They must also remain outside of the indoor spaces such as the rink house, (where the ATM and washrooms are located). We love the dogs at Dufferin Grove, (especially me) – but just in keeping the market safe and  inclusive for everyone, please keep them on-leash. And if you’re already doing that, thanks!

Enjoy the last summer market for 2018!

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See you there,

Nicole Jacobs 


Vendors this week:
Ali Harris: rotis, fritters, sandwiches, drinks
All Sorts Acres: lamb, sheep dairy, wool
Baha’s Food: samosas, hot sauces and biscuits
Bees Universe: honey, bee products, eggs
ChocoSol: chocolate and chocolate beverages, coffee
Country Meadows: olives, oil, eggs, cheese
Culture City: fermented condiments and preserves, tempeh
DeFloured: savoury and sweet gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, salads, snacks
Earth & City: salads, snacks and beverages
East Ghee: spice-infused ghee made from Ontario butter (visiting vendor)
Everdale: fresh organic produce
First Fish: frozen and smoked wild Arctic char
Forbes Wild Foods: wild mushrooms, maple syrup & more
Fressie Bessie: organic unsweetened ice pops
Frogpond Farm: local, organic VQA wines
Green Florin: Moldovan nuts, oils, and dried fruits
Island Oysters: fresh-shucked oysters and shellfish dishes
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad mixes, teas, microgreens,
Marvellous Edibles: pastured  meats, organic veg. & more
Monforte Dairy: cheeses from many milks
Plan B: local and imported organic produce
Shared Harvest Community Farm: fresh organic produce
Sosnicki Organic Produce: organic vegetables
Spade & Spoon: preserves, maple syrup
Sweet Seduction: pies, tarts and cookies 
Tapioca Toronto: Brazilian-style gluten-free crepes with market fillings
Ted Thorpe: veggies, greens, and melons
Urban Harvest: body care, seeds, garden amendments
Waymac: oyster, shiitake and lion’s mane mushrooms