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Hellooo Dufferin Grove!🤸🏿‍♂️

Old man

It’s almost “the big day”! Can you believe it?? Wow!

Yup – very soon, you can once again “donate” your Thursday afternoons to our wonderful park and heart-warming farmers’ market. Yahoo! Starting this coming Thursday, May 18th, 3-7pm.

And excitement is definitely in the air. I’ve noticed it each time I’ve visited the park over the last few weeks. The days are getting longer, the sun, sunnier, and the squirrels, braver! But it probably helps that I usually have a little bag of walnuts with me. Tee hee

Yet another squirrel

But about the market this year – so much to look forward to! Amazing vendors, delicious food, and (as featured), great music! 

However, one vendor who was there from many years previous, will not be there this season – All Sorts Acres. Yes, I know – this is devastating news. However, Jennifer has found a way to stay connected with us at Dufferin – and a very generous one, at that!

All Sorts, with their fabulous sheep wool, are doing an Eco-Wool fundraiser, with the proceeds going to the Dufferin Grove Market!

Here are some words from Jennifer:
“It’s the beginning of a new season, but alas, All Sorts Acres won’t be there this year. We have undertaken a new initiative, EcoWool Canada, that is taking up a lot of our time. Over the winter we finally began processing waste wool from both our farm and other farms across Ontario. We are making Wool Pellets for gardens, seedlings, and potted plants. This is so exciting for us, as it’s been over a decade since our waste wool journey began. 

Dufferin Grove Market has been an important part of building our farm so not being there is hard. To continue to be connected to the market and help support the amazing community around it, we are helping raise funds for market initiatives with our new wool pellets.

All sorts

Please help support the market and purchase some pellets from the market in support of the market, and to grow better plants! All proceeds go to Dufferin Grove Market! Follow this link for more info:
Happy marketing!
-Tim & Jennifer”

Stay tuned for more info on this great initiative! Jennifer will be bringing some wool pellets to the market soon, for you to purchase. I’ll keep you posted!


Another great initiative happening this season, is from Aldergrove Farms!

(To be clear), Fraser and crew will definitely be at Dufferin. But they also want folks to know about a trial that they’ll be starting. It focuses around accessibility, while dealing with the realities of inflation.

From Fraser and Glynis:

“This year we will be trying Pay What You Can (PWYC) at our stall at Dufferin! To make it work, we have set up a “subsidy fund” to make up the deficit for those paying less. If we make more than we need, we’ll donate the surplus. Learn more on our website:”

Love it!

And lastly, please welcome a new vendor joining us this year – Hammerhead’s Fresh on Locke!


From Jennifer of Hammerhead:

Our business, Hammerhead’s Fresh on Locke, is located in Hamilton. Our products are quality, traceable and sustainable seafood. We source about 95% of our seafood directly from the hardworking fisher folks on the east and west coast as well as from the Great Lakes of Ontario. Our seafood is either wild caught or organic (farmed).

For more information:

And for those of you wondering about “First Fish”, they are still at Dufferin this year – yay!  But starting May 25th. Both fish vendors will be at market, but on alternate weeks..

A complete list of vendors is included below.

And each week different “pop-up” vendors will also be at the market  – don’t miss out! 🙂

Ok folks – keep smiling and see you Thursday,



VENDORS _ May 18, 2023
Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market


  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Nith Valley
  • Kooner Farms
  • Aldergrove Farms
  • Urban Harvest
  • Noki Farms (bi-weekly)

Meat & Dairy:

  • Rogers Ranch
  • Hammerhead Fish (bi-weekly)
  • Monforte Dairy
  • Country Meadows

Prepared Foods:

  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven
  • TC Tibetan Momos
  • Earth & City
  • Crepe de la crepe To *new!


  • Lev Bakery
  • Robinson Bakery

Preserves & Specialty Items:

  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • Green Florin (bi-weekly)
  • Jiggy Popz 
  • ChocoSol (with Earth & City)
  • Grounded Pantry *new!


  • Heartwood Cider


  • Richard Underhill!!

Bi-weekly (for May 25th):

  • First Fish
  • Spade & Spoon
  • Knuckle Down Farms

Starting later (this season):

  • Greenhouse Eatery (in June)
  • Nature’s Way (in July)

One Month Away! 🤩


Yes friends! Can you believe it? We’re back in the park, and in full swing on May 18! And still every Thursday, from 3-7pm. And (so you’re aware), the outdoor season ends on October 26, 2023. Twenty-four glorious weeks. 

Even though spring has beautifully sprung, for our lovely Dufferin Grove community, it just doesn’t seem complete, until our farmers’ market is underway – soon enough folks! 💚

And hopefully, we’ll have a full indoor season, starting in November (and beyond) – back at our previous location, at the north end of the park. But this is very dependent on the status (and outcome), of the current construction – so again, let’s hope! 

And sorry it’s been so long since we last “spoke”, but trust me – I’ve been thinking about (the lot of you), non-stop! Looking forward to when we’re finally “together again”. xx

It’s incredible just how much planning and preparation goes into getting the market ready each year. I know it’s been said before, but kudos to Anne – one thousand percent! haha

But hey, it’s all worth it – and this year’s season will be spectacular! We’ll have a bunch of new vendors for you to welcome, and of course, many of the long-time regulars that have helped us get this far.

And to quote (former board member), the delightful Cora James

“Last month, I attended Parkdale’s Seedy Saturday event, and was optimistic that our vendors’ bounty was not far behind; including kale from Nith Valley Organics and new potatoes from Kooner Farms. And soon enough stalks of pink rhubarb will appear, flirtatiously asking to be made into an upside down cake, or maybe a tart with custard and rhubarb compote.


That being said, if you do not have the patience for baking, the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market features vendors to do it for you – Robinson Bread always delights me with their seasonal creations. If you cannot wait until May to visit them at the market, I highly recommend a weekend stroll on a sunny day to their flagship store at Queen St West and Brock Avenue.


I cannot wait to schedule an early evening walk on a Thursday, at the end of my work day, to Dufferin Grove to grab one of those samosas from Magic Oven, and far too many salad greens for dinner.  One more month, friends. We can do it!”

I’m with you Cora – and thanks for that!

And speaking of board members, if you noticed the word “former” in my introduction of Cora, that may have alerted you that we’re currently looking for new ones! Here’s our callout:

“Attention all community members! Are you passionate about local organic food and supporting small businesses? Well the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market is seeking new members to join our Board of Director – and that could be you!

At our market, we strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our community. And we therefore, welcome and encourage applicants of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to apply. 

As a board member, you’ll help shape the future of the market and contribute to the success of our vendors and customers. And if you have any skills in fundraising, grant writing, finance, community outreach, marketing or social media, fantastic!

So if any or all of this sounds interesting to you, please drop a note to:, with the subject line, “board member inquiry”, by May 5th, 2023. Can’t wait to hear from you!”

But if you’re just wanting to get involved in a more general way, terrific! We always need VOLUNTEERS, and would love to hear from you. So whether it’s to be more hands-on, on market day, or if you happen to be someone with a penchant for organizing, who can recruit, help to train, and organize, please get in touch!, with the subject line, “volunteering”.


Ok, thanks for reading friends, and for just hanging in there! 💙

We’ll touch base again in early May, before the start of the market – to introduce you to the vendors, new and “old”, and to let you know what to expect for the season ahead.


Back There Again Soon! 💜💜💜

Numba 1

Hello, friends and wonderful supporters of Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market!

So we’re just about through with February! Can spring be that far behind? Surely not! And that means that we will all soon be together again in Dufferin Grove Park. 💚

First, to let you know, my name is Judith Thompson, and I am the market board’s treasurer – I’m also your guest writer for this month’s news. You may recall hearing from me, last summer (of 2022), when we were asking for donations – and by the way, thanks for being so generous! Thanks also, for helping to make the 2022 market year such a success overall – even despite the many changes and challenges we faced. xo

And speaking of the 2022 market year, some of you may recall last season, when (for a time), we operated the market within a hybrid model – thus both in-person and online. We are still working out (for a possible date in the future), whether the hybrid market would be once again viable. That includes also just looking at whether or not there are some who would benefit from having delivery.

If you are someone who used the delivery service last summer, and have feedback you’d like to share with us, please send your thoughts to Cora James (of the board of directors), at

Also, a reminder that the market, being a non-profit, also needs to engage in more active ongoing fundraising efforts. The board is busily investigating and applying for several possible grants, both governmental and non. And we will also be running some fun fundraising activities on a smaller scale, aimed at you, our friends and supporters. Please stay tuned as the season gets going!

And lastly (from me), if you haven’t yet gotten your Dufferin Grove Farmers Market tote bag, (respectfully), what are you waiting for? Well thankfully, Nicole still has some available – you can contact her at, with the subject “tote bag”, to get one!


That’s all for now folks (from me) – thanks for sticking with me through this fun-filled ramble! 
Nicole will now have some “from the manager” info for you. Ok, see you soon. 🙂

From Nicole:
Hi folks! Isn’t Judith great? Haha
First off, my apologies that this month’s market news comes to you so late – and on a different day (of the week), than usual. Some technical delays held me back a bit unfortunately – but for next month, we’ll have things much more timely once again!

Ok, so I know we’re all waiting (as best we can), for the new market season. And also hoping that the status of construction in our fair park, is going smoothly, and on time. Well all I can really add to that, is “hang in there!” Sorry. But I do promise to keep you posted. :))

But thankfully you don’t have to wait to access good food!


Nathan (of Nith Valley), for one, wants customers to know/be reminded of, their delivery service. From Nith:

“We are still offering bi-weekly delivery on Wednesday’s to the Dufferin Grove area and we are partnering up with Lev Bakery to provide customers with some amazing fresh baked bread as well! All orders can be put through our online store – select delivery at checkout. We will be running deliveries this week Wednesday, late morning early afternoon!”


Another option comes from Plan B Organic Farm. Here’s what
Rodrigo (featured above), would like you to know:

“Plan B Organic Farm is offering their organic veggie boxes year-round in the Dufferin Neighbourhood, (and beyond) –, or email: Pickup on Thursdays 3-9pm.

– certified organic vegetables & fruit
– ferments – kimchi & sauerkraut
– free range eggs, sourdough bread, honey, maple syrup

– Northumberland Street (Dufferin Neighbourhood)
– Pacific Avenue
– St. Helen’s Avenue
– Bracondale Hill Road
– West Lynn 
– Gardenvale Road (Etobicoke)”

However, if like many of us, you’d prefer to shop in person, neighbouring markets are still Wychwood Barns, on Saturday mornings, and Sorauren Market, which is currently, is still just operating once a month on Mondays. Otherwise, we’re back in the park this spring, (mid-May.)

But in the meantime, there are still things to enjoy about the current season. For one, the skating rink at Dufferin Grove has been in use for some time, which many have been happily taking advantage of.

And with the recent snowfall over the last few days, the “toboggan hills” at the park are once again in full swing – all ages welcome!

But if “winter sports” are not your thing, enjoy the fact that the amount of daylight we’re getting, is increasing. That’s right – for the next good while, no more “early” sunsets, (not before 6pm anyhow. 🙂 Just another lovely reminder that spring is soon to be sprung!


Ok folks, thanks so much for reading. We got this! 🙂

New Year, New Cheer!

Nic and julie

Hello friends! And happy (not so) new year!

Sorry that it’s been so long since we last “spoke”, but know that we’ve missed you – truly! 💜


“Downtime” can be very bittersweet, I’m learning, (ho-hum.) But hey, a bright, and beautiful year is upon us! Hopefully you were able to close out 2022, joyfully and safely – and that “week one” of 2023, has been amazing for you – even without our weekly organic soirees. Sigh..

So first, I should touch base about where the market stands, as of right now. You may recall in my last update, I did mention that I was hoping to find a way to keep things going. Well unfortunately, that is not the case, and we will indeed be taking a pause until the spring.  

But please know that this was not an easy decision to make. It does pain me to know that this will be the longest “interruption” the market has had, in its entire 20-year history.

However, a number of factors were taken into account. Given the market’s current finances, along with the added expenses it has had to incur since start of the pandemic, and with construction still in progress, at our usual home in Dufferin Grove Park, it would have been just too difficult, and too costly for us to continue – especially during a period of what is normally the slowest season for the market.

I know this is not the best of news, especially given how often the market has had to transition and/or pivot, in the last few years, but once again, we’re asking you to hang in there with us. After all, spring is coming – maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming! And by then we’ll re-emerge with even more energy and zeal than before! So if you do stick with us, we’ll make it worthwhile! 😉

Wood oven

Some things to consider, (in the meantime)… 

Other (nearby) markets still operating:

1- Sorauren Market – (currently), on the 3rd Monday of every month, starting January 16th

2- Wychwood Barns, (Saturday mornings, 8am-1pm) 

3- Evergreen Brickworks (Saturday mornings, 9am-1pm)

A great way to stay “engaged” in the market scene, and to support our local vendors – many of which are also Dufferin Grove vendors. 🙂

Also in the meantime..

Although the market is not currently operating, I will send out a newsletter once a month. This will be largely to just touch base – and also to let you know what’s happening in the community. Including how the park construction is going, as well as any (relevant) communications from vendors – and of course, to just say “hello”! Yup, that’s right – I’m not going anywhere! Tee hee

You should also know that the dear folks at St Anne’s church would also like to collaborate with us, about hosting events for the community. And if all goes well, we’re hoping to put on a “spring tasting” event, (back at the church, in early spring.) But stay tuned yet – lots still to consider!

And lastly, if you’re wanting to stay involved, or even just be more “hands on” with your favourite farmers’ market, please reach out! I’m always looking for willing volunteers – both to help with the market itself, and with other community events. So please feel free to drop me a line, with the subject “volunteering”, to

Ok folks, that will do for now – thanks so much for reading, and for helping us have an amazing 2022 market year. More great things and great food, to come in 2023.



Veggie tales

What a Year!


Hard to believe we’re already at the last market of the year – and what a market year it’s been! But first off, a BIG thank you, to all of our wonderful Dufferin Grove community, who, despite the “challenging” weather on Thursday, still came to the market last week. You rock! 💚

Thanks to you, the (first) holiday craft market was a success! Yes – it was definitely smaller than initially planned, with some vendors not being able to attend due to weather. But all in all, beautiful things, and beautiful people.

More crafts

And once again, a reminder of our location: 651 Dufferin St, at St Anne’s church. Come to the north-facing glass doors, and head downstairs. And yes, it can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes, with the numerous entrances around the building – but once you find us, we’ll make it worth your while! 

And remember folks, we’ll have more “crafty things” this week as well! A great opportunity to complete those last-minute wish lists.

And hey, why not sport a “festive face” while you shop? Isabel, our talented face-painter, taught me that face painting can be, and is – for all ages! Thanks Isabel, what fun!

Nicole face paint
Face pain sign

But of course, the market’s “main attraction”, being wonderful organic food, was still well in abundance – and will be again, this week!


And don’t forget to pick up one of these! Our market bags are great for putting all your goodies in as you shop. And only $20!


And although we’re hoping our market is the centre of your week, we are aware that winter solstice is also happening this week. So regardless of how you feel about the official start of winter, it is still nice to look forward to longer hours of daylight – count me in!


And as for the market’s future, (come the new year), please stay tuned. We’re hoping to find a way to keep things going.

And just a heads up, with next week being Christmas day, there will be no newsletter on December 25th – but we’ll catch up with you, as you usher in 2023!

Happy holidays, and hope to see you at the market!


LIST of VENDORS _ December 22nd, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Rogers Ranch


Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin


Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • TC Tibetan Momos


Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cidery



  • Nith Valley 
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • All Sorts Acres

Get “Crafty” With Us!

Wow! We’re already approaching our third market of December – and after this week, there’s only one left this year!

And as a reminder, (of our location): we’re at 651 Dufferin St, (just north of Dundas) – at St Anne’s (church hall.) Enter the market through the north-side glass doors, and come downstairs. 

If coming from Gladstone, come through the church parking lot, at 270 Gladstone Ave. Then walk west to the adjacent building (at 651 Dufferin St.) Again, there are usually signs posted all around the building.

So first, some news from St Anne’s, regarding their Advent Giving Project: “We asked community partners to give us Wish Lists, which include basic items such as face & body wash, shampoo & conditioner, warm socks, lotion, long underwear, and also Walmart gift cards. You are invited to buy one or more items, and to bring your gifts to St. Anne’s by Sunday, December 18, 2022. For dropoff times, or for more information, please call or email: 416-536-3160, ext. 1 /”

Ok, back to market news.. 🙂

So (to reiterate), December 15th and 22nd will be our last two markets of the season – don’t miss out! And these two markets will also be craft markets – so if you still have some gifts that need purchasing, why not support some local artisans, while you shop for healthy organic produce? And plus – I’ll throw in a free candy cane, to all who stop by! Yay!

So this week, look out for crafty gems like this lovely knitted “hat-scarf” from Nith Valley. Alissa, (pictured here), was just thrilled with her purchase. And yes – to the delight of many, Nathan got “the party” started early (on crafts) – thanks Nathan! But not to worry, he’ll have more next week!


Another crafty farmer to look out for, is Audrey McDonald, of Greenhouse Eatery. 


Audrey promises to delight shoppers with amazing “food craft”, such as: “garlic, garlic wreaths, black garlic, garlic lovers gift boxes, and greenery.” Wow! Will be great to have you back Audrey! 🙂

Another vendor to make a welcomed return, is All Sorts Acres. And though Jennifer herself, will not be at market this week, her husband Tim, will be bringing us: “things for dogs, wool yarn, insoles, sponges, kits etc, greeting cards, and perhaps some gelato and frozen cheesecakes.”

And remember this lovely face? From back in September? That’s right! It’s Deirdre Buryk! And she’ll be bringing some “yummy holiday tasters” – along with her fabulous recipe book. Can’t wait!


Other “Crafteers” to look forward to:

-Melissa Harendorf, (pottery): @meldoftpottery, (IG)

-Mary Monforte, (jewelry & watches): @monfortedesigns,  (IG)

-Daniela Harris, (hand-made bracelets):

-Sara Torrie, (craft kits, PWYC):

-Isabel, (face painting for kids – PWYC)

And look out for these familiar faces. Rodrigo, of Plan B (and his brood 💜), have decided to grace us one last time for the season. So there’s still time to get some of his amazing swiss chard (of which I featured last week) – and so much more!

And on the left, is the delightful Vasile of Green Florin. Thankfully, he’ll be with us for both remaining markets. And remember – his dried fruits and nuts, and organic oils, also make great gifts!


And lastly, a special thanks to Peter and Anna, our musical guests last week. Their cheerful sounds truly brightened up the market space, and  brought much joy to market shoppers – what a treat!  More music to come next week as well!


Thanks for reading folks – see you Thursday! xo



Market bags, just $20! Support our fundraiser – in style! ♥️

LIST of VENDORS _ December 15th, 2022


Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Plan B Organics (last one!)
  • Rogers Ranch
  • First Fish

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • TC Tibetan Momos

Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cidery


  • Nith Valley 
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Deirdre Buryk
  • Meldoft Pottery
  • Monforte Designs
  • Copecake & Sprinkles
  • Sara Torrie

December Delights!


December already huh? Wow! I knew it was coming, but man! All the same, lots to celebrate in this bittersweet month – and hopefully our market does bring  some delight to your week! haha

For me, getting local organic greens in December, is most definitely, cause for celebration. Nith Valley had a glorious abundance of arugula, kale and spinach, for market shoppers to choose from. And they’ll have more this week too -yay!


Plan B as well, had fabulous greens to choose from. In addition their splendid swiss chard (featured here), Rodrigo delighted us with kale and spinach.


And although not local of course, it’s still great to get primo immune-boosters like the citrus that they had – organic lemon, lime, oranges and grapefruit! But incidentally folks, this coming week will be Rodrigo’s last of the season, so be sure to stock up while you can.

And First Fish had their debut market of the season with us as well. Bringing with them, delicious turbot and arctic char – smoked or regular filets. A great dinner choice, or something easy to stock up, and pop into your freezer.


And lastly, I must highlight the joy of happy market goers, about Kawartha Broom Company being with us this week. Bobby, the owner, is featured here, with one of his “wonder-brooms”, with the handle, made from a recycled hockey stick. Wow!


Kristyn and her daughter Azzurra, were thrilled about the pair of brooms they bought. (no doubt, doing some early holiday gift shopping.) And young Luis, looks just adorable with his “jingle-bell” door hanger – just precious!

Some broomns
Another kid

But if you missed out, and would like to order their brooms this season, just drop a line to: 

And speaking of great gift ideas, don’t forget, we still have our lovely reusable market bags for sale. Support the market, and pick one up while you still can!


In other vendor news:
Well last week I spoke a bit too soon, about Heartwood Cider being at market – oops! Clearly I’m super excited about their return. And if you’re missing them as much as me, do come by for a visit!

This week will also be your last chance to get fresh, organic mushrooms and microgreens from Noki Farms. This is their last market of the season with us, so don’t miss out.

Mori nori

Returning this week: Rogers Ranch, TC Tibetan Momos, and Urban Harvest.

Update about the new year..

So for this season, the December 22nd market will be the last, until the outdoor season. I know this breaks many hearts, including mine, but for now, due to multiple circumstances, the market will have to take a pause. I had hoped, and am still hoping, that there is another alternative, but for now, this is what I must report.

But hey, the good news is, we still have three markets left this year! In addition, December 15th and 22nd will be holiday markets, with gift items to buy. And again, this is in addition to the usual organic produce.

So yes, although December’s usual hustle and bustle, will no doubt, keep you busy this month, please bear in mind where “the best place to be on a Thursday afternoon” is! 💚 (St Anne’s, church hall, in the basement – at 651 Dufferin St.)

Cheers everyone,


LIST of VENDORS _ December 8th, 2022


Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Noki Farms (last one!)
  • Plan B Organics (last one!)
  • Rogers Ranch
  • First Fish

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • TC Tibetan Momos

Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cidery (new!)

A Cozy Space..💚


Yes folks, our little indoor market is definitely a cozy and inviting, space. The only thing more it needs, is you! So please come and see us if you haven’t already – and if you have, more of that please! 

And just to go over where we are at St Anne’s, it’s the church hall, at 651 Dufferin St – down in the basement.

The only change is that now we’ve been asked that our dear patrons, like yourselves, use the north-facing doors (to enter and exit.) These are the clear, glass doors, across from the apartment building on Dufferin.

I do post signage each week, around the building, but as it gets dark so early these days, sometimes it can be difficult to see. But all the same, thanks for bearing with us folks – and if you can, please pass this on to a friend (or three. 🙂

Ok now from last week’s market..

Well I’ll start with some of (what I’ll call), “fantastic firsts”! So we had a couple of enthusiastic volunteer pianists! Was so nice to have music at the market again. 

Featured here, is longtime market musician, (and dear supporter), Ken Whiteley. Thanks as always Ken! xx


And allow me to introduce “The Amazing Eliot”! At three years old, he’s definitely the youngest musical performer that we’ve had at the market. Featured here, with his mom Julie, Eliot demonstrated that age really is, just a number. Keep it up Eliot – great to have you!

Another kiddo

I’d also like to introduce Cheongmee! A pleasantly upbeat market goer, whom, after sharing just a few words, I totally hit it off with! haha


It was her first time indoors with us, but Cheongmee tells me that she loves the Dufferin market, and has been a supporter of ours for some time. Thanks for that Cheongmee, and so lovely to meet you!

And incidentally, I learned that TC Tibetan Momos is a big reason that Cheongmee loves the market! Featured below: Llundup, preparing her dinner that night – yum!


And some of you who visited the ChocoSol table, may have noted seeing a “new face”. Well Carolina is representing ChocoSol now, and is very happy to be part of the Dufferin Grove community. Feel free to stop by and say hello to her. 🙂 Or at the very least, try one of their delicious chocolate cookies (in the feature photo) – you won’t be disappointed!


And for those still planning to squeeze in some fall planting, before “the big freeze up”, no time like the present! In addition to their fabulous skin care products, Urban Harvest has an amazing seeds selection to choose from.


And for more VENDOR NEWS for this week…

Both First Fish and Heartwood Cidery make their “indoor debut” this week. Let’s see that they both get a warm Dufferin Grove welcome! 🙂

And returning this week, is Noki Farms, with their gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. Gulp Fiction’s delicious South-Indian cuisine is also back.

And breaking news! This week, Kawartha Brooms will be coming to the market with a large range of both, colourful and plain brooms like the ones featured. Bobby will have some door hangers as well, (one is also featured in photo.) And please know that a lot of love and effort goes into every single product they make – so please support them if you can. 🙂

Brooms 1

And regrets are coming from Rogers Ranch, as they will not be in attendance this week. However, their (GMO-free) eggs, will still be available through Forbes Wild Foods, (selling them on their behalf.) And of course, certified-organic eggs will still be available from Nith Valley.

And just a few REMINDERS..

(At this point), the last indoor market this season, will be on December 22nd. So that’s just four left! It is possible that we’ll continue into the new year, and early spring – but this remains uncertain for now. I hope to know by next week, and should be able to report something more definitive very soon.

And once again, December 15th and 22nd, will be dedicated as holiday markets, (in addition to selling our usual organics of course. 🙂 Fyi, we are still accepting a few more vendor applications for craft/gift items at the moment:, with the subject heading “craft vendor”.

Ok folks, thanks for reading! And hey, if you love World Cup Soccer like I do, “go Canada gooo!” ⚽️

See you soon,


LIST of VENDORS _ December 1st, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Noki Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • First Fish (new!)

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin


Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • Tapioca Toronto
  • TC Tibetan Momos
  • Gulp Fiction


Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cidery (new!)


Special Guests:

  • Kawartha Brooms (new!)

We Did It!


Yes, that’s right folks! Our first indoor market (of 2022), has finally happened! Perhaps you’ll recall seeing my “crafty” chalkboard? Haha, well I tried my best to be colourful – hope you enjoyed! But all the same, a big thank you, to all who were able to attend – wouldn’t have been the same without you. 💚


And if you weren’t able to make it, please enjoy this brief recap – and hopefully we’ll see you at next week’s market!


But first, I’ll try to clarify our exact location – and my apologies if I didn’t do that initially. So we are at St Anne’s Church, at 651 Dufferin St. This is the church hall, and we’re in the basement. And please be aware, that sadly, because it is such an old building, it’s not very wheelchair accessible, and there are some stairs. However, my staff and I were there last week, assisting, with strollers and such, wherever we could – and we’re happy to do it again. 


And to further clarify, we’re in a separate building from 270 Gladstone Ave. But if coming from Gladstone, you can cut through the parking lot, and just walk west, to the adjacent building. And (as I did last week), I’ll hang a string of lights on the side of the building, where we are – in addition to lots of signage. Ok folks, hope that helps – but I’m always open to suggestions. We’re in this together! haha


Ok, now since I started this newsletter on the theme of “firsts”, let me talk a bit about Noki Farms! Nikyole (the farmer), hails from Guelph, and specializes in fabulous gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. And if you’re wondering (as I was), about the pronunciation of her name, well it’s exactly like mine! (Nicole), just with a different spelling – neat!


So Nikyole wants to thank the Dufferin community for welcoming her, and allowing her to have a truly great first market. She’s looking forward to her next market with us on December 1st. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos if you missed out.


Ekta, of “Gulp Fiction” was another first-timer at Dufferin. Her delicious  South-Indian cuisine, including hot lentil stew, was a big hit – especially on the chilly night that we had last week. But if you missed out, not to worry – Ekta is away next week, but returns on December 1st.


And why not give a shout out to our very first customer of the day? Good on you, Naomi! And thanks for your enthusiasm and long-standing support. (Naomi’s featured here, on the right.) 

On the left is Rodrigo of Plan B Organics. A “surprise visit” by Plan B, but definitely a welcomed one! And if you came early enough for those yummy cherry tomatoes (before they sold out), I’m sure you’ll agree on that. Plan B will be with us for the next three markets, until December 8th.


And just to give some news about vendors and product. (With the absence of Bees Universe), some of you have asked: “well what about honey?” And “what about eggs?” Well thankfully both are covered!

Featured below, is Seth, of Forbes Wild Foods, posing with jars of honey, in addition to their incredible maple syrup, and numerous other amazing products that they carry.


And with respect to eggs, we’ve got two options for you! Dave of Rogers Ranch, our beef and pork vendor, has lots of organic eggs for us from “Happy Hens”. 


Nathan, of Nith Valley, also continues to bring eggs for us. This is in addition to his bountiful and spectacular veggies, that I’m clearly overjoyed about in this photo. But if you’ve ever shopped from Nith Valley before, you get it! 

And in addition to his (usual) chicken, Nathan will also have lamb – (as All Sorts acres is not taking part in the indoor market.)


For next week, TC Tibetan Momos returns – yum! And coming in December: Heartwood Cider, First Fish and Kawartha Brooms. And remember to save some holiday shopping for our last two markets on December 15th and 22nd.

And for those looking for Greenhouse Eatery last week, Audrey sends her regrets, as she was completely snowed in and could not attend market. She hopes to be there next week, if all goes well. 

And in community news..

St Anne’s is providing their FREE community (take-away) dinner TONIGHT, November 20th. They are also looking for volunteers. Here are the details, (provided by St Anne’s):

If you or someone you know would appreciate a hot, take-away meal, these will be available between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. from the north glass door of our parish hall at 651 Dufferin Street (opposite the entrance to LOFT St. Anne’s Place). 

We’re also looking for volunteers to help on Sunday with meal prep, service, and/or clean up. Please email Juli Brown as soon as possible – – if you’re able to assist! Dishwashers are almost always needed! 

Financial donations towards the cost of the meal are also always welcome via our Canada Helps page (fund #3 – community support).   

With thanks!

Mary Lou Harrison

Director of Partnerships & Administration

St. Anne’s Anglican Church

416-536-3160, ext. 1,

Ok folks, thanks again, and hope to see you Thursday!


LIST of VENDORS _ November 24th, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Urban Harvest
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Pine River 
  • Plan B Organics

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin
  • Hola Alegrias

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • Tapioca Toronto
  • TC Tibetan Momos

Cider & Brewery:

  • n/a (returns in December)

Hurray! We’re Back!


Yes folks – November is here, and so are we! Pumped and ready for our indoor season!


And although it’s uncertain at this point, just how long that indoor season will be, I do hope you’ll join us, for at least the next six weeksuntil December 22nd.


And once again, our indoor market will be held at St Anne’s church – in the basement of the church hall, at 651 Dufferin St


So if you’ve been feeling strange about having had to shop elsewhere these last two Thursdays, that ends now! And thank goodness! Such a strange “separation” it’s been – perhaps the longest, in the market’s 20-year history. Wow!


And here’s the flyer you may have seen circulating around the neighborhood – and if not, feel free to pass it on to a friend or two –  they’ll thank you, I’m sure! 🙂


Ok, now regarding “food stuff”, thankfully as it’s only in November, there’s still lots of great local veggies to enjoy! Greenhouse Eatery for one, tells me they still have lots of tomatoes, as well other amazing produce. And Nith Valley, in addition to their fabulous veggie selection, will also have lamb and chicken.


And yes, overall, we will have less vendors indoors, than we did during the outdoor season – but we’ll also have some exciting new ones!


So please look out for “Noki Farms”, who will have a lovely assortment of mushrooms, and other goodies. “Gulp Fiction” is another to look out for, who will be serving yummy prepared foods, for your “grab & go” needs. Both are very excited to join the Dufferin team! And some of you may even remember “Pine River” – well they’ll have some amazing fall greens and root vegetables to dazzle us with!


Next week TC Tibetan Momos will be back. And in December, we’ll have a couple more new vendors, as well as some returning ones – First Fish and Heartwood Cider both return next month. 


And save the date(s) – for holiday-themed markets, on December 15th and 22nd


See you Thursday!


LIST of VENDORS _ November 17th, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Nith Valley
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Urban Harvest
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Pine River (new!)
  • Noki Farms (new!)

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Green Florin

Prepared Foods:

  • Magic Oven
  • Gulp Fiction (new!)

Cider & Brewery:

  • n/a (returns in December)