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Dufferin Grove Rocks! 💪

Yes, Dufferin Grove does rock, (obviously) – but you knew that! Such a smart bunch [...]

Drum Roll Please…

Matt here. Is it July already?! Where to begin… Do you have lots of reusable [...]

Big World, Small News

Dear Market Friends: Our market news stories don’t hit the headlines very often, and we [...]

The Best Laid Plans

Hello Market Friends: Sometimes it seems (knock on wood) that the week there is a [...]

A Fresh Year Ahead

Happy New Year! One missed market, and it feels like such a long time! It [...]

Come Together on the Rink

I just came back from New York, where I visited the Union Square Farmers’ Market…or [...]

14 Years of Meeting at the Market

It’s hard to focus on local news today. I am really looking forward to seeing [...]

Tell the truth

Fess up, does your local recipe list start with rhubarb crumble and end with pumpkin [...]

The Equinox Market News: Best of Two Seasons

This year’s September equinox occurs on market day (at 10:21 in Toronto, or 14:21 Universal [...]