Skating is over and seeding is underway

Skating is over and seeding is underway

When temperatures start to rise, and daylight hours increase, Beat the Clock is the name of the game for growers. That first harvest of full-size head lettuce or ruby red tomatoes– in fact, just about anything farmers can get to market extra early– will bring people like us running, so all our growers are busy planting seeds for early crops, to grow under cover or move outside later. We’ve got to be patient for a little while, but we can cheer them on!

ben seeding

From Kyle at Everdale: “This week, I’ve got lots of spinach, all your roots and more dry beans. We’re seeding over 55,000 seeds for Spring transplants, which will become 6.4 km of row feet in the field!! The shot at the top is of an early planting of green onions and romaine lettuce which will be going into one of our tunnels in the coming weeks.”

Wishing for fish? Here’s an update from Natasha Akiwenzie: “We hope to be back to Dufferin by April sometime. Spring is always a challenge to find the fish and shake off the winter.” The Akiwenzies are running their Community Supported Fisheries program again this year. You can buy a full or half share, or order a 10 lb box of fish for your freezer through this program, which funds repairs and improvements to their building and equipment. Read all about it:

A reminder that the Kind Organics Farm Raising Campaign is another opportunity to support great local producers. Sandra and Tamas Dombi and their crew have been dedicated participants in our market since 2010, and they need community investment as they take their next big step in moving to a farm of their own. As well as feeling good about helping them reach their goals, you’ll earn much healthier returns on your money than you would buying stocks and bonds: 20, 30 or even 40% ‘interest’ in the form of vouchers for Kind products! You can find the details of their Subscription plan on or at the market.

There are just a few weeks left in our Loyal Eaters program, so don’t forget your card if you’re collecting stamps. We’re having fun giving out rewards, and particularly enjoying the enthusiasm of the ‘perfect attendance club’. Dinner invitation? Storm? Forget it, these people have got to get to the market!

Our wonderful farmers and vendors will be waiting for you.
See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

These are the vendors we expect this week, and where to find them:

Bees Universe RINKHOUSE
Chocosol GARAGE
Country Meadows RINKHOUSE
Culture City GARAGE
Dufferin Park Bakers RINKHOUSE
Everdale Organic Farm GARAGE
Forbes Wild Foods RINKHOUSE
Kind Organics RINKHOUSE
Marvellous Edibles Farm RINKHOUSE
Ying Ying Soy Food RINKHOUSE