Market News for July 7th

Market News for July 7th

Despite the dry weather, we’re on the crest of a wave of early summer harvests. Time to feast on superb local foods, and put some by in the freezer or pantry, too.

I’ll resist the urge to make puns involving escape, scapegoats, or other related words while telling you that this is prime time for garlic scapes, the curly flower stalks that are an early bonus when growing garlic. If you’re wondering what to use them for, here’s a link to an informative article in the Smithsonian magazine, circulated by Peter McClusky of the Toronto Garlic Festival, who’s got more ideas about how to enjoy garlic than you could shake a stick at.

Excellent news from Niagara Lavender Farm: “We will have the last of the cherries, a wonderful load of raspberries and most of all we are cutting for market a beautiful load of the French Lavender we all have been waiting for the last couple of years. It’s a huge lavender, the type that is grown in Provence and luckily we have successfully grown it here. This will be the last week to get some….It is absolutely beautiful.” Debbie Wiecha

Sosnicki Organic Produce report: “We’ve got our sweet Cherry and Grape Tomatoes, plus the first trickle of Artisan Cherry and Heirloom Tomatoes! The dry weather is certainly keeping disease away – so dare I say it totally looks like a Tomato year?! AND a cucumber year! By next week we’ll start bringing cucs for pickling and fresh eating. (I will send information next week about bulk orders for pickles).
We are still harvesting our Strawberries, but they are wrapping up now. Lots of fresh Kale, Beets, Patty Pan Zucchini and Peas too. Possibly some fresh Red Cabbages for a cool summer slaw. Sweet Onions are close – next week for sure!” Jess, Ben & kids, Joe & crew

Teneile and Rebecca of Life in Homemade apologize, but they can’t attend this week. Visit their website to find other spots (including The Big Carrot, if you’re over that way) where you can find their food.

Best Baa, Hungry Vegan and Knuckle Down Farm will also be absent. Jenny writes: “We are still in need of a rain to give things a bit of a boost. Fingers crossed for lots this weekend (after Thursday) and the hot season crops coming along soon.”

Waymac is back! Say hi to Erika and pick up some beautiful oysters and shiitakes.

Also in attendance, Mike Fohr The Knife Guy, to sharpen up your favourites.
2016-07-06 12.08.06
Jennifer Osborne of All Sorts Acres is bringing ice cream and possibly some lamb along with wool products. A ‘small world’ discovery: the beautiful botanically dyed yarns on Jennifer’s table are spun by Ute Zell, one of our founding farmers!

Urban Harvest will be coming with body care, seeds and a few perennials.

2016-07-06 12.11.24

Jason Kun of Island Oysters writes: “It will be the last farmers’ market oyster bar we will be doing for the Spring 2016 Session and we will have Malpeques, Blackberry Points and Little Neck Clams from PEI and Kusshi from BC.”

Welcome to two special guests, Donny Day from The Kind Kitchen, visiting with healthy and tasty kitchari, and Jackie Kwitko of Fressy Bessy, with naturally delicious ice pops.

Kids are invited to the StoryTent to enjoy some hang out and read time with Jade Guthrie and her helpers.

Please help us to minimize waste by bringing your own bags and containers and returning clean jars for reuse. You’ll get a deal on some things for doing so!

See you at the market,
Anne Freeman

Vendors for this week:
Ali Harris
All Sorts Acres
Bees Universe*
Country Meadows
Culture City*
Dufferin Park Bakers
Earth & City*
Evelyn’s Crackers*
Everdale Organic Farm
Floralora Flowers*
Forbes Wild Foods
Guest Vendors: Donny Day and Fressy Bessy
Island Oysters
JK Fries
Kind Organics*
Marvellous Edibles
Mike Fohr The Knife Guy
Niagara Lavender
Pine River Organic Farm
Plan B
Shared Harvest Community Farm
Sosnicki Organic Produce
Spade & Spoon*
Tapioca Gourmet*
Thorpe’s Organic Produce
Urban Harvest*
VQA Wines: Reimer Vineyards*
Waymac Farms
Ying Ying Soy Food*

*These vendors accept electronic payment.