News for an August Afternoon

News for an August Afternoon

Ripe like a peach, that’s what summer is now that it’s August. Hope you can slow down and savour these days, and the great variety of foods our farmers and vendors are bringing to market.

Along with our all-star regulars, you may have noticed that we’ve been including various guest vendors for a visit or two. In general, we’re a ‘food-only’ market, with the goal of building connections with local organic producers, but we sometimes accept requests for visits from people trying to build new businesses a bit beyond our usual boundaries, to help them launch and learn about what they’re doing. Your feedback is helpful, so drop a line if you particularly like or wish for something.

That being said, there are things you might wish for that are beyond our control! We have what I truly believe are the best peaches in Ontario, and I know some of you have been disappointed to find them sold out early in the market hours. Sorry! This week the harvest is fully underway, and Debbie Wiecha will bring a larger truck so she doesn’t run out so soon. Very few growers attempt to grow certified organic tender fruits in our climate, and Debbie’s farm (Niagara Lavender) is not as big as you might imagine, so quantities are always limited.

Can’t do much about the weather, either, and for some of our farmers it’s a really rough year. Knuckle Down Farm will be away until there’s enough rain to get things growing again. Talk to the other farmers to learn how everyone is managing, and what impact they anticipate the drought will have on fall crops. Despite the challenges, there’s good news to share, too:

From Sosnicki Organic Produce: “Our Rainbow Carrots will be on the tables along with our Fresh Dug Potatoes, Summer Cabbages, Kale bunches, Sweet Onions, Zucs, maybe a last trickle of Cucumbers, and well, TOMATOES!!! Our Red Beefsteak are awesome! All different sizes and ways to buy! By the basket, quart or by the piece, we’ve got a mega flavoured red to eat like an apple, slice for sandwiches, press for juice, top pizza, make soup etc etc! Also Field Heirloom Tomatoes like Vintage Wine and Striped German….and Cherry and Grape Tomatoes galore! The red grapes are really sweet this year and the Sun Sugars – well, the name says it all, especially in this hot, hot Tomato Year!
Enjoy our harvest – ESP the Tomatoes!!! (Psst: Sweet Corn starts next week. And September will be “Mega Red Pepper Month”.) Lots to look forward to that’s Local AND Organic!” Jessie, Ben & Crew

We expect to have more official signs to direct you to our handy ATM this time. On days when there’s any chance of rain, it will be just inside the rinkhouse doors (on the way to the washrooms), and on clear days it will be just outside those same doors. It costs $2 per withdrawal.

Mike the Knife Guy is back to sharpen your knives, Jackie Kwitko returns with her fruit pops, and TC’s Tibetan Momos will be in attendance, too.

2016-08-02 18.32.28Zucchini and all their cousins are coming in by the wheelbarrowful, and luckily, recipes that make delicious use of them are plentiful and varied, too. Here are links to a couple to try:

1) For the sunburst shaped ones, a tasty stuffing:

2) For the long ones, a cool salad: (a treat for all eaters, and if you omit the fish sauce, it’s raw, vegan and gluten-free)

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

Vendors this week:
Ali Harris
Bees Universe
Best Baa
Country Meadows
Culture City
Dufferin Park Bakers
Earth & City
Everdale Organic Farm
Evelyn’s Crackers
Floralora Flowers
Forbes Wild Foods
Hungry Vegan
JK Fries
Kind Organics
Marvellous Edibles
Mike the Knife Guy
Niagara Lavender
Pine River Organic Farm
Plan B
Shared Harvest Community Farm
Sosnicki Organic Produce
Spade & Spoon
Tapioca Gourmet
Thorpe’s Organic Produce
Ujamaa Farm
Urban Harvest
VQA Wines: Reimer Vineyards
Ying Ying Soy Food

Guests: Jackie Kwitko with fruit pops, TC’s Tibetan Momos