A Cozy and Abundant Market

A Cozy and Abundant Market
We timed it just right. Okay, there were a couple of stormy market days we’d rather forget, but overall, we had a wonderful outdoor season in 2016, and things are looking promising for the indoor season, which begins this week. We’ll have vendors in the rinkhouse (north end), garage (south end), and along the west side of the building, too. Our goals are to provide you with a broadly satisfying selection of organic, local and specialty foods, and to help our farm and city businesses thrive ALL YEAR LONG.
Farmers and vendors really appreciate steady support, so once again we are offering Loyal Eaters cards to all shoppers. Find the perfect spot in your wallet for your bright green card, and bring it each time you come to the market between now and the end of March. When you’ve spent at least $10 anywhere in the market, present your card to Seth of Forbes Wild Foods, Jennifer of All Sorts Acres, or market staffers Pia and myself, and get your stamp for the day. Add up ten stamped dates, and we’ll give you ten market bucks, a bonus bag of greens from Kind Organics, and enter your name in a draw for baskets of goodies contributed by the vendors to thank you for your loyalty. Let the stamping begin!
November delights include a wonderful assortment of cheeses from Monforte, hardy greens, hot from the barbeque ‘miche’ (Romanian pork and beef treats) from Bees Universe, elusive vegetables like Brussels Sprouts and Romanesco Cauliflower, pumpkin, apple, chocolate and berry-filled baking from DeFloured, pastured meats and poultry from Marvellous Edibles, Pine River’s glowing orange carrots, and much more.

Kyle‘s produce list from Everdale continues to be impressive: “This week we have salad mix, arugula, cilantro and bok choi all coming out of our tunnels. From the fields we still have lots of kale, spinach, chard, collards, parsley, leeks, carrots, beets and a pile of other roots! Also cleaned up some of our dry beans we grew this season and will have some black beans available.”

Spade & Spoon, all-star vendors of comfort foods, will be offering samples of their latest introduction, Mulled Cider Jam. Blythe thinks it might be her new favourite. She puts it on oatmeal as well as toast, and I’m thinking how tasty it would be as filling for sandwich cookies. Oh yum. Also fresh from their kitchen this week, a batch of outrageously pink and ridiculously delicious Beet & Leek soup to take home for an easy meal.

All Sorts Acres is moving from the land they’ve been renting because they have bought a farm! Jennifer Osborn sent a note saying the lawyer needs the final papers signed on Thursday, so she has to miss this market. All the sheep, dogs and ducks have to be moved, as well as everything else in their current house and barns, but Jennifer hopes to come to Dufferin as much as she can through the next few busy weeks anyway. Hearty congratulations on this big step!

Ali Harris will be away this time, so if you are hungry for some dinner on the spot, head to the garage and enjoy tamales from ChocoSol, or visit the Zamboni Cafe (aka the park snack bar) to see what’s on the menu.

Sean of Lovell Springs Trout Farm will be here this week, then away the next two, so plan your menus accordingly.

Angelos from Country Meadows is expected back at the market in two weeks. His wife Linda sent photos and an update:

“The olive harvest is going well and next year’s supply of olive oil and olives is shaping up. The harvesting is done by hand, olives are shaken from the trees and scooped up in nets on the ground, they are then taken to the mill and put through the roller press. From the first time the olives go through the press, the beautiful green extra virgin olive oil emerges which is the oil Angelos brings over for the markets. The Kalamata olives are graded into various sizes. Then each size is put into specifically marked containers.  As you can see a lot of manual labour goes into the olive picking/olive oil milling process.”


It will be a little bit cooler in Toronto than Greece, but we hope you will come to market with a smile and a hearty appetite. Bloom where you are planted, as the saying goes.

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

P.S. A reminder of the Public Information and Consultation Meeting on Thursday November 24th to discuss improvements to the clubhouse and northwest corner of the park. The meeting will be held at St Wenceslaus Church, 496 Gladstone (near Bloor) from 7 to 9 pm.

This Week’s Vendor List (subject to minor setup adjustments):
Bees Universe (outside)
ChocoSol (garage)
Culture City (garage)
DeFloured (outside)
Dufferin Park Bakers (rinkhouse)

Everdale (garage)
Forbes Wild Foods (rinkhouse)
Kind Organics (rinkhouse)
Lovell Trout (outside)
Marvellous Edibles (rinkhouse)
Monforte Dairy (rinkhouse)
Pine River (rinkhouse)
Plan B (outside)
Shared Harvest (outside)
Spade & Spoon (rinkhouse)
Ted Thorpe (garage)
Urban Harvest (rinkhouse)