Come out from under the covers!

Come out from under the covers!

Don’t let that white sheet fool you! There are wonderful things in Everdale’s hoophouses, and they are coming to town! Kyle wrote with this list: “We’ll have spinach, salad mix, specialty greens mix, kale, green onion, leeks, dry beans (black, kenearly and brown), butternut squash, carrots, beets and other roots!” If you didn’t get any of the greens last time Everdale was at market, don’t miss out this week! The flavour of spinach and other greens that have grown at cool temperatures is exceptional, and such a treat right now.  Here’s some of the beautiful baby kale that’s hiding under those row covers:


Pine River will be providing us with delicious vegetables, too, always freshly washed and looking their market best. A lot of effort goes into prepping the produce we see on the tables at Dufferin, and I hope every last leaf, root and stem will go home with appreciative eaters!

If you’re looking for a winter boost, enjoy some of the many kinds of sprouts from Kind Organics.

Over at Marvellous Edibles, the exact selection of well-raised pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and duck varies week to week, but there’s always lots to choose from. Insider tips: ask Jens what he’s been cooking or curing, get some bones for making broth, and try a little or a lot of the pickled veggies from the giant jar.

All Sorts Acre will be back with lamb, wool products, and a few more gorgeous fleeces. If you’re interested in local fibre (not the dietary kind, think wooly thoughts here), Jennifer can tell you all about ‘Landmade’, a gathering of farmers who raise sheep, alpaca and mohair coming up on February 5th at the Gladstone Hotel. Local isn’t limited to food! Market old-timers will have a chance to catch up with one of our founders, Ute Zell, who will be there showing off products from the Freelton Fibre Mill which she now operates.

DeFloured will be away this week.

Sean Lovell should be at market with fresh and smoked trout now that he’s finished chain-sawing all the trees that fell across his laneway.

Fresh eggs, ferments, cheeses, oil, chutney, honey, rotis, maple syrup, park bread, what’s on your shopping list?

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

P.S. Maybe I’ll bump into some of you at the Women’s March this Saturday, beginning at noon at Queen’s Park.

This Week’s Vendors:

Ali Harris
All Sorts Acre
Bees Universe
Country Meadows
Culture City
Dufferin Park Bakers
Everdale Organic Farm
Forbes Wild Foods
Kind Organics
Lovell Trout
Marvellous Edibles
Monforte Dairy
Pine River
Spade & Spoon