Home Cookin’

Home Cookin'

Another beautiful produce list has arrived from Everdale Organic Farm for this week’s market: spinach, specialty greens, bok choi, green onions, kale, leeks, yellow onions, butternut squash, dry beans, carrots, beets, and other roots!

Along with the list there was a note from Kyle saying that Wolf will be coming in his place because he’s off to New Orleans. Am I jealous? Oh no, I am far too busy with my mid-winter ritual, taking inventory of the provisions in my cupboards. Among other buried treasures, I found a can of coconut milk, so I’m making this delicious recipe:

2017-02-01 11.22.16Staycation Greens
Bruise a few cloves garlic with the handle of your knife, chop a couple of shallots, and thinly slice a chunk of fresh ginger. Warm some organic coconut oil (or other tasty oil) in a big pan and fry the garlic, shallots and ginger gently, adding a chopped hot pepper if you wish. Slice up half a bunch of green onions and add them to the pan, sprinkle on a little salt, stir, and continue frying for about 5 minutes until everything is getting soft.

Remove any tough ribs and tear up a bunch of kaleSpinach, bok choi or a mixture of any winter greens can be used, too. Add the greens to the pan gradually, stirring, and cook for 5-10 more minutes, until tender but not overcooked. Add about a quarter cup of coconut milk and mix well.

Put the greens in a serving bowl, pour another quarter cup of coconut milk over them, and garnish with a few more sliced green onions and a wedge of lime to squeeze on if desired. So tasty you don’t need to go anywhere.

We have a few absences:

The whole Bees Universe family is on vacation as well, though they had to twist John‘s arm to get him to go. He’ll be back with honey and eggs next week.

All Sorts Acre has to miss the market, but you can visit Jennifer at Landmade, coming up this Sunday from 11-4 at The Gladstone, where she will be one of eight women farmers showing off mohair, fleece, wool, and alpaca products and crafts they’ve made.

Pine River Organic Farm will be absent due to illness in the family.

The rest of the gang is looking forward to bringing you good things to eat.

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

Vendors this week:

Ali Harris
Country Meadows Gardens
Culture City
Dufferin Park Bakers
Everdale Organic Farm
Forbes Wild Foods
Kind Organics
Lovell Springs Trout
Marvellous Edibles
Monforte Dairy
Plan B
Spade & Spoon

Checklist: Shopping Bags, Re-usable Containers, Loyal Eaters Card, Cold Hard Cash, Warm Heart