Why support organic farms you ask?

Why support organic farms you ask?

Hello market friends,
Yes, I know – like most of the wonderfully loyal folks who read this newsletter, you probably said, “so many reasons!” Very true. Perhaps the most obvious, is that without organic farms, organic farmer’s markets could not exist. I was pleasantly reminded of this when I looked at the program for our upcoming annual “Market Manager’s Day” conference, organized by the Greenbelt Farmer’s Market Network. This year’s keynote: “Bringing Community Together Through Food”.

Many concepts came to mind, as I started to think about what that meant – including of course, how organic farmer’s markets play such a tremendous role. Perhaps most immediate in my mind, was food justice – this addresses so many other issues, including food sovereignty, diversity, sustainability, accessibility, (both financial and geographical), food education and information, (also pertaining to access), and finally, but not limited to, food security. Need more? I could go on!

Though many of us may define these important concepts in slightly different, or even very different ways, it is hard to dispute that organic farmer’s markets like Dufferin Grove, play a crucial role in bringing these ideals into practice, in allowing them to intersect. But of course, this is only possible with the help of our wonderful market patrons like yourself, coming out each week, to our Thursday afternoon oasis, rain or shine – keep it up, and thank you so much!

A thank you also goes out those of you who took part in our “loyal eater’s” program, which came to a close a couple of weeks ago. And if you missed out, there’s always next year! But thanks all the same for your continued weekly support. Here’s a photo of me with one of this year’s winners of our grand prize draw, (Alyssa Hamilton).

why support organic farms you ask

Now before I delve into the business of this week’s market, just a small note as we head into our long weekend festivities. Whether you’re celebrating something cultural and/or religious, or perhaps just eating delicious food, and maybe enjoying an extra day or two off from work, hopefully, “bringing community together through food”, will be on your menu as you feast away!

Some news from vendors this week:

From the Dufferin Park bakers:
Sourdoughs: caraway-multigrain, potato-rosemary, olive-onion
·         Artisans: multigrain, spelt-walnut, cranberry-walnut
·         Italians: rosemary, multigrain, raisin
·         Challah
·         rice flour bread

From Jason Kun of Island Oysters:
“We will have Raspberry Points from the East Coast and Kusshi’s from the West Coast and will be pairing with Alchemy Kombucha again.”

Chocosol will be bringing delicious chocolate Easter bunnies to take care of your festive needs for this weekend – yum!

From Olivia of Huber’s Wildwood Farm:
“We are having a 10% off sale on our hams for Easter at the market this Thursday. If you could also mention that if people could pre order then I can make sure I have what people want. They can contact me through my website or email: www.huberswildwoodfarm.com, or huberswildwoodfarm@gmail.com. Also, our sow just had babies an hour ago!” (That was on Monday). Feast your eyes!

See you at market!
-Nicole Jacobs


piggies more piggies


This week’s Vendor List, (for April 18, 2019):
Ali Harris (rotis, fish sandwiches, fritters, drinks, pesto)
Bees Universe (honey, eggs, knife sharpening)
ChocoSol (chocolate and coffee)
Country Meadows (olives, oil, cheeses, eggs)
DeFloured (sweet and savoury gluten-free baking)
Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups & snacks)
Forbes Wild Foods (mushrooms, nuts, syrup and more)
First Fish: (cold and hot-smoked arctic char, fillets)
Green Florin (nuts, oils and dried fruits)
Huber’s Wildwood Farm: (organic pork)
Island Oysters: (East-coast oysters and kombucha)
Kind Organics (sprouts and salad mixes)
Lampapapa: (organic dried mangos)
Marvellous Edibles (organic produce, preserves, poultry)
Monforte Dairy (local cheeses from a variety of milks)
Plan B (local and imported organic produce, ferments)
Spade & Spoon  (jams, pickles, maple syrup)
Thor Farms  (organic beef)
Urban Harvest (seeds and soil amendments)