Staying Connected

Hello Market Friends:
Such a short time ago we were thinking about the first market of spring, and now we need to remember that spring IS coming. It won’t stop, just because we have to for a time.

Our priority this week is to share information from every vendor currently attending the market about how to get their food. Please visit the vendor pages on, where I have added a MARCH 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT on the pages of all those dear people you would normally expect to see on Thursday.

Thank you to those who wrote to councillors to ask that farmers’ markets be declared an essential food source and allowed to operate ( in carefully controlled ways) like the grocery stores are. There is a cross-province effort underway to move this forward, and I hope we will have positive updates soon.

We CAN stay connected. Ordering food by telephone or email may not be as satisfying as spotting the perfect potato at the market, but it will keep you in provisions, and, we hope, keep our farmers and vendors in business. So please connect with neighbours, friends, and relatives to place good-sized orders. Support local, and eat well.

Below is a list of the vendors we would usually see at the market at this time. Of course, the Dufferin Park Bakers are not in action right now. Gladys and Manny (La Mexicana) will be taking a break to go to Mexico.

Clicking on a vendor’s name will take you to their profile page to find information about where their products are available:

Ali Harris
All Sorts Acres
Bees Universe
Country Meadows
Culture City
First Fish
Forbes Wild Foods
Green Florin
Heriter Farms
Marvellous Edibles
Monforte Dairy
Plan B

We truly hope to see you at the market soon.
Anne Freeman