Giants of the Vegetable World

Giants of the Vegetable World

Last week Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer sent me some photos of a vine which had grown two storeys high in a single season, climbing up through her apple tree until it could only reach for the sky. It was covered with large hanging ‘fruits’. Sarah had lost the tag for the seedling she brought home from the market, but she thought it was a kind of Chinese squash. 

Guessing she had ordered it from Kooner’s, I sent Indy a note to ask about it. He replied that it was “a round Indian Squash, very similar to a long Chinese squash.”

giants of the vegetable world

Then I spotted one on The Greenhouse Eatery’s table on Thursday, so I wrote to Audrey, who answered, “The lovely creature does not belong to me, but I’m guessing it to be a Middle Eastern squash. If my memory serves me well, I do believe that they call it an Oprah squash.”

Long or round, Indian, Chinese, or Middle Eastern? Was it named after the billionaire talk-show host because one of these prolific vines could make your fortune? According to Audrey, it’s a slum-dog millionaire.

We’ve got summer AND winter squash right now. I can hardly wait to taste the first butternut squash, a good ‘bridge’ between the seasonal types.

If you like amazing value, we’ve got some ENORMOUS vegetables on offer! Feed a crowd with one of these cabbages or eggplants:


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As well as huge sizes, we still have a huge number of varieties coming in from our farms. Here are just four of Marvellous Edibles’ lettuces:


On the topic of greens, we have a great supply of arugula which has had a habit of selling out quickly. Essa Seedlings continue to have sprouts and edible flowers and only a little bit of wheat grass is left!

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Beef Blade Roast (3 – 3.5 pounds)
From Harley Farms, 35$
Tamales – Mushrooms in a Guajillo Pepper Sauce
Vegan and Gluten Free!
From La Mexicana, 6$











Harley Farms now has free-range, naturally raised, non-GMO feed turkeys on their list in several weight ranges.


This week, La Mexicana returns! Some of you will remember Gladys and Manny, makers of fresh tamales from their time with us at the park market. Now you can order three kinds of their freshly made ones to enjoy at home!  A warm welcome back to Manny, and we will look forward to seeing Gladys again soon too.


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At last, one of my all-time favourite beverages is putting in another appearance! Spade and Spoon’s Caesar Mix is an absolutely superb (vegan, gluten-free, and good for you) treat on its own or blended in a cocktail.

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Edible Celebration Party Flowers
From Essa Seedligns, 4.75$

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The Mighty Caeser Mix
From Spade & Spoon, 7$

Some very loyal visitors to the market depot aren’t humans. This is MervynAlissa Hamilton’s steadfast companion, who really enjoys his vegetables. Nicole especially loves his weekly visits!


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After this light-hearted newsletter, I need to finish on a serious note. Our next market falls on September 30th, the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.


Mary Lou Harrison of St. Anne’s shares this information:


At. St. Anne’s, there will be Morning Prayer at 9:30 a.m. and then the church will be open until 3:00 p.m. for quiet prayer and reflection on the tragic legacy of residential schools, the devastating impact of Canadian government policies and actions on Indigenous people and communities, and the role each of us can play in restoring right relations for a better future together. Copies of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be available at the church and the market for people to read and take with them.


Thursday is also called Orange Shirt Day; wearing orange shirts is a symbolic way to honour the children who were sent away to residential schools. 


Thank you for reading,