A Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Hello Market Friends:

I was surprised when I heard the old saying, ‘What goes around, comes around,’ used to describe negative consequences of one’s actions, because I thought of this expression in a positive sense, meaning good things will come back from good things done. This week, our market staff are the happy beneficiaries of such a gift: one that went out from our market has come round again!

Many of you will remember that we were very concerned for Lhundup and his family, proprietors of TC Tibetan Momos, when he became seriously ill with Covid last year. He spent a week in intensive care, and even when he had recovered enough to be sent home, he was not well enough to start working again right away. We shared this news with our Dufferin Market community, and many of you generously contributed to a fund to help with Lhundup and Tsewang’s expenses while he was unable to work. 

If you have ever met them, you will know what kind people Lhundup and Tsewang are, and they were greatly touched by the support they received. Even before his illness, Lhundup kept telling me that they wanted to feed the people helping with the online market, and this Thursday, as thanks for the Dufferin community’s kindness, he and Tsewang are going to treat all the depot staff and our delivery crew to a Tibetan meal.

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On behalf of the Market Crew, I want to express huge gratitude to everyone who donated to our fundraiser, first because you helped a small family-run business weather the storm, and now because your gifts have turned into another act of generosity! Thank you for helping TC Momos, and thank you for feeding us, too!

To everyone coming to pick up orders, don’t worry;  we have the timing well-planned so everything will continue to flow smoothly around our lucky lunch.

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I enjoyed choosing what to put in a wedding gift basket from the market this week, and it got me thinking about the meanings assigned to various gifts.

First on my list to include was salt (in this case Aldergrove’s Vegetable Salt) for the couple’s new home. As you may know, there is a Jewish tradition of hachnasat orchim, meaning “welcoming the guest” which is often paired with a gift of salt. Another traditional message carried in a gift of salt is a wish that there may always be flavour and spice in the lives of the recipients.

There were plenty of other choices with lovely associations to add: a candle for warmth and light; fresh fruits and herbs for health; sweet treats for affection; gentle soap for tender caring; simple things which have carried loving wishes for longer than anyone can say.

Thanks to all our vendors who have put so much heart into special items at this time of year!

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We are dee-lighted to have Aldergrove Organic Farm back this week with a stellar winter produce list! I can hardly wait to tuck into a big salad with their claytonia, baby mizuna and arugula, scallions, watermelon radish and candy carrots!

Irina from Bees Universe was all smiles showing us the new candles she has made! Look at these lovely shapes:

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The ever-inventive Audrey is back with all kinds of new and lovely products from The Greenhouse Eatery! Decorate your table with one of her wreaths or centrepieces, and stock up on her sauces and salad dressings. [one or two new products]

It’s time to order turkeys from Harley Farms. Don’t wait, quantities are limited! These are naturally raised birds fed non-GMO feed. Buy one now and it will be delivered to the market fresh (never frozen) for pickup or delivery on the last market of 2021, Thursday December 23rd.

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There is so much more waiting for you to enjoy on our site! Support your farmers and food producers; it’s your market!

Anne & the Crew