A Truly Unbiased Review

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Hello Market Community,

Matt joining you this week. I’ve written here before about what’s beautiful and what’s strange at the market. The news this year has had a lot of updates from babies to branding to lambing to SEO to CEO’s and returning to the park. We’ve been covering every corner of what makes a farmers’ market community. But…have we missed the pets?

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Say hello to my cat Teigel. Teigel means “little dough” and… well, look at him. He is very involved in the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market, from product testing to developing market holiday bags.

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Here is an wholly silly review of what’s hot and what’s not from the perspective of the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market Felines:

Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls

Highly recommend. I kick ’em, scratch ‘em and just cover them in my hair so they smell like home.

Felted Cat Toys

Felted Cat Toys

Pure wool rolling balls from All Sorts Acres. These are great backups for when I’ve already lost all the dryer balls under various pieces of furniture.

yukon potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Almost indistinguishable to me from the felted cat toys. My claws don’t pierce the skin so easily but I like the loud THUD they make when I just whip them across the room. I love batting these out of baskets, boxes, and bags, and leaving them under the couch for nighttime hunting.

Raw beef pet food

Harley’s Raw Pet Food

What can I say? I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel catered to.


The Entire Vegan Section

Need I say more?

paw cream

Paw Cream for Cats/Dogs

Dear Bees Universe: I do not appreciate being equated to a dog, but my silky soft toe beans speak for themselves. A quick rebranding would make this product a 10/10.

bird bag

It’s In The Bag

What’s in the bag you ask? Me. I am in the bag. I am in every bag I can find. I always need new bags to get all up in. It’s in the Bag has almost completely revamped my wardrobe.

Turbot Fillet

Turbot Fillet

I could hunt turbot. If I lived on Baffin Island, Nunavut, I would go fishing every day and have nutrient-rich fish oils dripping down my chin while the lily white snow crunched under my toes. Unfortunately, I have been told that the fifth largest island in the world is actually quite inaccessible. I have also been told that snow is cold. I will stick with hunting these First Fish fillets off of the kitchen counter.

Handmade Cat Toy

Kawartha Broom Co. Handmade Cat Toy


Matt here again. Thank you all for indulging Teigel on his journey of critical expression.

It’s another wonderful week here at the market. We have Repair Cafe Toronto in house, as we do every second Thursday of the month. Their volunteers will be onsite during pickup hours, taking in your busted and broken items for repairs. They take all kinds of different fixables, from laptops to boat motors to jewellery. If your item doesn’t quite fit into their current skill set they will always let you know, no harm in asking!

Natures Way is back and bringing in mini sweet potatoes along with their favourites like eggs, popcorn, and sunflower oil.

This is THE week to get your fresh Harley Farms Turkey.

20lbs roast turkey

See you Thursday!

Matt, Teigel, and the Market Crew!