Parades, Repairs, and Tofu

Market News: The Birthday Edition!

Dear Market Friends:

So this is it! After May 12th, we are going to move all of the market’s worldly possessions into half a shed in the park (or almost all of them..or sort of close to all….Well, some of the market’s stuff, anyway.) Never mind, the market is about so much more than equipment, and when we return it to Dufferin Grove, there will be plenty of room for its big warm heart. 

The following Thursday, May 19th, there will be music, and dancing carrots (see below) and much enthusiasm as the farmers and vendors set up their tents and tables in the park once again!


I have to thank the wonderful people who are leaving our crew, but when I look at my list, it’s longer than an Oscar acceptance speech! So to Matt, and Kristi, Jonathan and Jay B, Julie, and Tristan, and all those who went before you, THANK YOU from the bottom of the extra-large-size DGOFM heart! Love and luck be with you wherever you go. 

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Nigari Firm Tofu has been a perpetual favourite, and Ying Ying will be leaving us after this week, so get a good supply. 

Forbes has lovely sustainably harvested wild leeks, one of the highlights of spring cuisine.

Essa is away this week, but returning next time, both online and in the park.

They say every day is Mother’s Day, so if you forgot to make a fuss this week, you can still treat your Mom to Specials from Urban Harvest and Magic Oven.

Wild Leek, 110g Bunch

If you’ve lost track of the weeks, here’s a reminder that it’s Repair Cafe Week again! Whether or not you have placed an order you can bring (up to 2) busted items for the Toronto Repair Cafe Volunteers to fix. Because of space constraints repairs do not happen on site. Volunteers take away your items (from vacuums to lockets to tripods to picture frames to speakers to…) to repair and call you when they are ready for pickup. It’s all free! Donations are always appreciated but not required. Tell your friends too to help keep those appliances, tools, and parkas with busted zippers out of the landfill!

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Those of you who have difficulty getting to the park market can sing a happy song. Although we are pausing pickups, you still have the option of placing delivery orders! Peter Wills has been busy updating our website so you can see all the choices you have. Our riders and drivers will be heading out from the park loaded down with your market favourites!

Please be prepared for orders to arrive a little later. The farmers and vendors will drop off pre-orders when they arrive to set up for the in-person market instead of early in the day. Our team will do their best to pack everyone’s boxes quickly.

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Here is an irresistible invitation from our comrades at Clay and Paper Theatre:

Do you want to help Clay and Paper Theatre welcome and celebrate with the reopening of the Farmers’ Market in Dufferin Grove Park on May 19th? Yes, yes, we know you do! Who doesn’t want to dress up in a vegetable or fruit cardboard puppet and dance? On May 19th, please join us at the Dufferin Grove Park Fieldhouse from 3pm to 4pm and we’ll get you suited up with a costume hat or a lightweight sandwich board. At 4pm we’ll have a parade of produce to the Farmers’ Market location in the park, accompanied by live music. Once there, we’ll mingle, have a song or two from our Clay and Paper Theatre performers and then our “Potato” Master of Ceremonies will offer a russet-tation of a “poem-de-terre” to help celebrate the opening of the Farmers’ Market. And then we’ll dance with more music ! If you’d like to participate please email us at or show up on May 19th at the Fieldhouse between 3 and 4pm. Can’t wait to see you!

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Not to brag, but I can’t resist finishing this newsletter with a couple of the lovely notes of appreciation we have received.

“Pick ups at St. Anne’s were the highlight of my week for 2 years! My daughter looked so forward to it because Nicole always made her feel extra special when we arrived. The world felt so small and it was a comfort. Thank you very much for all the hard work and amazing food. You really made a big impact to our little family down the street. A happy memory during a difficult time.”

Desiree, James, Eloise and August 

“Thanks to Jay who was my delivery person – when the pandemic closed us down, the availability of the basic needs that run our lives, like fresh market organic foods, was stability.” –Susan Aaron 

“Just want to say what a great team of people you are to have kept this market through the pandemic! It has been a lifeline to many, producers and consumers alike. I very much look forward to getting back to in-person shopping, but will always remember the weekly trip to St. Anne’s as one of the best things to happen in these awful two years. Thanks so much for all your incredible efforts.”

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your incredible efforts.”

From all of us to all of you: it has been very special being in this together.