Hot, Humid, Happy

Anne Retirement

What a week! Even with the intense heat and humidity I want to thank everyone who came out and supported this week, I know it must have been hard leaving those nice air conditioned homes!

So seemingly every week there is another reason to profusely thank and acknowledge the now retired Anne Freeman, who as many of you know has been the driving force behind this market since it’s inception! 

The ever incredible Blythe of Spade and Spoon, market board members in particular Ellen Manney, and Anne’s daughter Sadie did a truly amazing job in setting up a lovely little potluck for Anne at the end of the market last Thursday to once again show her how much she means to all of us, and how thankful we are for the work she has put in over the years to get to where we (and other markets) are today 🙂 We even had the musical talents of Ken Whiteley and Richard Underhill to set off the evening perfectly!

traditional challah

Beautiful Challah from Lev Bakery

It’s finally here! Coming this week to the ONLINE Market is the highly anticipated LEV BAKERY! Order some Challah and Babka for you, your friends and family, or come by the market and say hey to them there! Regardless, make sure you don’t miss out on their UNREAL breads, you will not be disappointed!

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Come get some of the best tasting and smelling strawberries from Reyes Farms!


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As many of you heard, Sundance Harvest is now at the market! Cheyenne and her crew have some stellar greens to help spruce up your salad, or even to just munch on their own!


And last, but never least, Knuckle Down Farm will be at the market next week; “We will be back this week for our monthly visit and this time we have garlic scapes in abundance! We will also have Spicy Salad Mix, all the Kales and gorgeous Collard Greens. If you are craving more green things in your life, we have you covered.” – Jenny 

IMG 5129 rotated

Knuckle Down Garlic Scapes

Also this is going to be Plan B Farms last week with us until the fall, so come say bye and pick up some of their lovely greens while you’re at it 🙂

Hope everyone has a fantastic Pride Weekend, and look forward to seeing all y’all lovely faces on Thursday!