A Season with Reason!

Golden apples from reyes farms

Wow, what a week it’s been! Lots of September excitement and change. A new school year is upon us for one – and from speaking to our “younger market goers” on Thursday, (after two days in), the school year has been “pretty awesome so far”! 

And speaking of even more change, September (of 2022), also brings new leadership to The Royal Family – and after 70 years! And regardless of how you feel about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, or about the monarchy in general, Canada does now have a new head of state. But yes, perhaps it will be somewhat odd, thinking of a king residing over us.

So what else happens in September? Well aside from beautiful food at your favourite neighbourhood farmers market, there’s also the fall equinox to look forward to. Which this year, is happening on September 22nd, at 9:03pmt  And incidentally, that also happens to be a market day – yippee!

Negative space foliage heart in the canopy

And how about extending a few more yippees to one of our market vendors? In particular, I’m speaking of Andi, of Robinson Bakery, who is now a newlywed! Yes folks, earlier this week, Andi (featured on the left), got married to her partner Kate! And right here in our community – inside the Dufferin Mall! Congrats Andi, and thanks for sharing! xo

Marriage at the mall

However, it should also be said that as we approach mid-September, the countdown begins for the (end of) the outdoor season. Yes, it’s true – sadly, this year our “market in the park”, ends on October 27th. So that’s just seven markets left! Going by fast isn’t it? Sigh.

Well not to worry – a festive end of season celebration is in the works. So please stay tuned. This year also marks 20 years for our happy little market – wow! And to those of you who were there from year one, thanks! And those of you (like myself), who joined in a bit later on, thanks all the same! 

And lastly, (I know it’s been said before), but a big thank you should be extended to Anne Freeman, whom all of this started with! So thanks for everything Anne – we definitely wouldn’t have made it to 20 years without you! 

Anne and nicole

Now some (or perhaps many) of you, have asked me “well what about the winter”? Great question! To let you know, I of course, want this glorious “good food trend” to continue, just as much as you do! So I promise you, I’m working on it – and in the next newsletter, I promise to have an update for you. Thanks for bearing with me. xo

And now some vendor news:

Urban Harvest is back with us this week! Yes folks, Colette will be rejoin the Dufferin Market starting this week – and will continue bi-weekly, until the end of the season. So for those of you keen to get started on fall planting, now’s your chance! Colette will also have her all-natural skin care products as well. 

Soap - no scent

Also returning to us this week is Steep Preserves. So Meg and her crew will be back with their amazing teas and such. Don’t miss out, as this is their last visit of the season.

Steep mellow

And just a small reminder from Country Meadows – Angelos is only with us for three more markets. And regarding payments, Angelos only takes cash, so please try to have some cash with you on market day.

And good news! Vasile of Green Florin has decided to attend market every week, until the end of season, (instead of just bi-weekly.) So you’ll have lots of opportunity to stock up on your favourite nuts and dried preserves.

Hazelnuts in a glass jar 750ml

And for those of you as devastated as little “Snowy”, (featured here), upon learning at last market, that that was the last chance for peaches from Reyes, stay  tuned! Nacho and crew, promise that delicious peach preserves, and fall apples and pears are on the way!

Cutge kid with fruit

And thankfully Karim and Jess of Jiggy Popz, are also not quite ready to say goodbye to Reyes peaches just yet. Their new “seazonal special, ”Fuzzy Peachzicle” is sure to please! Get it while you can!

Peach jiggy popz

More things to come:

A baby & children’s clothing swap – our first ever at dufferin! Community member and dear friend of the market, Sarah Brodbar, has graciously taken on the task of organizing this feat – so please take part if you can, or just come out and support!

Baby and Children’s Clothing Swap

Thursday, September 22nd, 3-7pm
at the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers Market
(South end of Dufferin Grove Park)

Bring what your family no longer needs and take what you will use!
Don’t have things to swap? You are still invited!
Bring your clothing and shoes in good condition (and clean) anytime after 2pm.
Don’t forget to bring bags to take things home in.
Lots of wonderful fresh food (including dinner) available for purchase at the market.
Please invite your friends and neighbours!

September 22nd also launches the restart of the Pizza oven! For those of you who like to reminisce about the magical “pizza in the park days”, looks like it’s finally happening again. Thanks to community members, (like Jutta Mason), who have been working hard to get that going again. And I’m told that we can look forward to: “pizza making, and also later on people can learn how to roast market produce e.g. tomatoes, peppers, eggplants etc. and then use residual heat for drying tomatoes.” Amazing huh?

Wood fired oven

And here is some news from St Anne’s about a puppet show!

“Please join us on Saturday, September 24th, at 10:30am, for this 45 minute musical puppet play.  Register for FREE at this Eventbrite link

St. Anne’s invites you and your family to “Emotion Commotion“, a new musical puppet play by Kid-Safe Productions that teaches mental health practices for kids of all ages.

Play Description:

“Jordan  is confused and in a tizzy. DJ is feeling all kinds of mad and now has a sore foot to boot. What an EMOTION COMMOTION!  A local garbage rummaging raccoon does their best not to “catch the mad” while a sleepy Owl lends a helpful wing to ease all the commotion. Through the use of songs, stories and games, everyone who experiences this delightful play will discover something great to add to their own emotion commotion toolbox!”

With multiple COVID lockdowns and the social problems that have arisen out of them, getting back to normal can be hard to manage without some helpful tools. And we would love to welcome you, (or welcome you back), to St. Anne’s!”

And finally, thanks for your continued support of the Toonie Treats Table!

One $2 Ticket Per Treat!

A toonie

Thanks for reading folks, and hope to see you Thursday. xx


LIST of VENDORS Sept 15th, 2022

Farmers, Dairy & Meats:

  • Sosnicki Organics
  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Greenhouse Eatery
  • Aldergrove Farm
  • Kooner Farms
  • All Sorts Acres
  • Kind Organics
  • Country Meadows 
  • Nature’s Way
  • Monforte Dairy 
  • Rogers Ranch

Prepared Foods:

  • La Mexicana
  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • TC Tibetan Momos
  • Magic Oven
  • Earth + City

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty Items:

  • Robinson Bakery 
  • Lev Bakery
  • Forbes Wild Foods
  • ChocoSol
  • Hola Alegrias
  • Green Florin
  • Jiggy Popz
  • Steep Preserves

Wine, Cider & Brewery:

  • Heartwood Cidery

Special Events/Guests:

  • Community Fridges