And Then There Were Three! ????

Three Pumpkins

Oh my! “Say it isn’t so”, right?! Wish I could folks, but it’s true. Our magical, musical, “veggie-cal” Thursday afternoons (in the park), are soon coming to a close. Including this one coming, there are only three outdoor markets left. Sigh.. So that means that our last outdoor market is Thursday, October 26th, (3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park.)

So What’s Next? 

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of a beautiful, and bountiful market season – especially given last week’s summer-like weather! ???? But the sun is setting earlier these days, and thus we do need to start planning for late fall and winter. But the good news is that you can include your favourite farmers’ market in those plans. 🙂 As I’ve previously mentioned, I do plan to continue the market through the indoor season – but still lots of “kinks” to work out, so please be patient.

This (“continuation”) would be at the clubhouse, at the north-end of the park, which is currently still under construction. However, I have seen some progress quite recently, and it does look pretty spectacular! When last I spoke with “the higher ups”, I was told “end of October”, for the building’s completion. So fingers crossed, we could be starting our indoor season “around” mid-November. But I will continue to provide updates, as best I can. In the meantime, please visit: Dufferin Grove Park – NW Corner Improvements. (A link I shared earlier on, which gives some details on the project overall.) 

New Rinkouse

A brief glimpse of the indoor space, (taken from the City of Toronto website.)

Pop-up Workshop! ???? ???? ????

Great news! For this week, “garlic guru” Peter McClusky, will be coming to do a brief talk (and demo), on fall planting and such. This will take place at 5:15pm (October 12th), just near the park oven, in the picnic table/”dining area”. This is of course, FREE to take part in. For those unfamiliar with Peter, he describes himself as:

“A garlic grower, recipe developer and founder of Toronto Garlic Festival.” (Also, Peter’s book is pictured here. 🙂

Ontario Garlic Book

Vendor News for October 12th

First up – a blast from “the past”! It’s Country Meadows!! Yes, I’m thrilled to announce that Angelos and his amazing olives, olive oil and feta, are finally making a return to Dufferin Grove. It will be for this week only folks, so don’t miss out! Soon after that, Angelos will make his annual trip to Greece – lucky him! ????


Next, is another returning pop-up, The Cutting Veg. For those who missed out when Daniel was at Dufferin last month, here’s a recap from him: “My primary crop is organic garlic (both culinary and seed garlic) – I grow 24 different varieties, and 50,000+ bulbs per year. I also provide folks with garlic for planting, and for their winter supply.” 


Knuckle Down Farm also returns this week – so be sure to say hi to Jenny and catch some of her amazing fall assortment. Get to know the garlics of the world. You can pre-order for pickup from Jenny on Thursday.

Know Your Garlic

Colette of Urban Harvest is also back this week – so stock up on essential oils, soaps, and any seeds for fall planting.

Noki Farms is also back this week, with lots of fresh mushrooms and microgreens. Some of you may recall that normally Nykole is only a bi-weekly vendor, but for the remainder of the season, she will be with us each week!

(A full vendor list is provided below.)

And although not formally a vendor, Clay and Paper Theatre will also be back this week, (and each week, up until Halloween. ????) But last week, if you were able to enjoy their miniature puppet theatre show, “Pumpkin Party” (pictured below), then (like me), you had to have been absolutely blown away!! For this week they plan to focus on Night of Dread, and will have lots of information to share – and remember to get your lantern-making kit for $25, available at the market, or donate directly to the CanadaHelps page.

image 2

Highlights from Last Week

Now I must start with the pawpaws from Forbes Wild Foods – just love when we have these! I often think of them as “Ontario’s mango”. I mean, when else do we get to be tropical and local? 🙂 But Seth will only have these for a short while – so get them while you can!

image 3

Next up, the “broccoli bonanza” coming from Kooner Farms – wow! I tried to get Indy to pose with some of his gorgeous greens, but (as you can see), he was not having any of it – no worries Indy, the broccoli was still amazing! haha

image 4

Thankfully however, Cheyenne of Sundance Harvest, was a bit less camera-shy than Indy. Love the dimples Cheyenne! ???? And although she’s posing here with her amazing squash, and decorative dried corn, last week I just couldn’t get over her amazing snap peas! So juicy and flavourful – yum! But  come early if you can – she usually runs out fast.

image 5

And whether Rodrigo, of Plan B Organics was more excited about his pie pumpkins, or his fresh beets, you’ll just have to ask him. I was just told to take the picture! hee hee

image 6

Veggie Spotlight

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the brussel sprouts from The Greenhouse Eatery, then good on you! I’m featuring the purple ones here, because by the time I got to Audrey, her green brussel sprouts were all sold out! However, I was able to roast some in the park oven (both colours.) So some of you were able to “sample while shopping”, (yum!) These are so easy to do – if you decide to roast or grill, a little olive oil and sea salt, (and a touch of garlic if desired), is all you need. I cut mine in half, (so they cook more evenly.) But if you’re wanting a “lighter version”, steaming them (without oil or salt), is another way to go. So again, come early if you’re hoping to get some this week – a great source of fibre and antioxidants.

Also, Audrey wants us to know that she’ll be making hot soup this week – yum!

image 7

Ok, thanks so much for reading folks – I had fun writing to you! ????

(*every Thursday, 3-7pm, in Dufferin Grove Park – until October 26th) 

image 8

Bert” of Monforte Dairy, (Ruth’s dog), and Dufferin Grove’s canine hero – he came back for a market visit last week – hooray! xoxo

Vendors for October 12th


  • Reyes Farms
  • Plan B Organics
  • Nith Valley
  • Aldergrove Farms
  • Greenhouse Eatery 
  • Nature’s Way
  • Kooner Farms
  • Sundance Harvest
  • Noki Farms
  • Knuckle Down Farm (bi-weekly)

Meat & Dairy

  • Rogers Ranch
  • First Fish (bi-weekly)
  • Monforte Dairy
  • Nith Valley (lamb & chicken)


  • Nith Valley
  • Nature’s Way
  • Rogers Ranch
  • Kooner Farms

Prepared Foods

  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven
  • Earth & City
  • Greenhouse Eatery 
  • CrepeDeLaCrepeTO (bi-weekly)


  • Robinson Bread
  • Lev Bakery

Preserves & Specialty Items

  • Forbes Wild Foods 
  • ChocoSol (with Earth & City)
  • Jiggy Popz
  • Kamplex Snax (bi-weekly) 
  • Urban Harvest (bi-weekly) 


  • Heartwood Cider


  • Country Meadows (olives, oil & feta)
  • Cutting Veg (garlic grower)
  • Peter McClusky – (doing a workshop)


  • Clay & Paper Theatre
  • Community Fridges


  • Fat Quarter
  • Jacob Lasby

For Fun

  • Face Painting by Isabel!

Bi-weekly (for October 19th)

  • Hammerhead Fish
  • Green Florin
  • TC Tibetan Momos 
  • Spade & Spoon (October 26th only)