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How many more weeks of ‘winter’?

I couldn’t decide what the groundhog’s vote was on Tuesday, but I did spot snowdrops [...]

What’s Your Comfort Food?

Soup’s on at our house this week, and I’m so glad I saved lots of [...]

A Happy Hodge-Podge

This week has been an exceptionally busy and varied one for market correspondence. I’ve had an [...]

Snowy on the roof, but lively on the inside

Hello Market Friends: We had a great afternoon last Thursday: friendly folks all round, lots [...]

Re-Stock and Renew

Hello Market Friends, and a Happy New Year! How’s your pantry looking? After our extraordinarily [...]

How Sweet It Is

The market will be full of good cheer this week. It’s the last one of [...]

Your Belly will Thank You

Note: We’re open Thursdays from 3pm to 7 pm, whatever the weather, whatever the season. [...]

Salads & Skates

Just three more markets for 2015, and the market still has plenty of choices to [...]

News for a lovely November day

We had a fine start to the (semi-) indoor season, and we’ll be refining the [...]

Inside and Outside on All Sides!

We’ve had some wonderful fall days, and then we’ve had a few others, like last Thursday, [...]