Inside and Outside on All Sides!

Inside and outside on all sides!
We’ve had some wonderful fall days, and then we’ve had a few others, like last Thursday, when the wind nearly carried our birthday party away. Never mind, everyone who came was well rewarded with cake, and can get their Loyal Eaters Reward Cards stamped this time. If you missed out, we’ll be happy to give you a card this week, and let the stamping begin!
Inside and outside on all sides
Please tell your pals all about our Reward Cards:
10 shopping trips to the winter market = 10 stamps = excellent rewards!
Although we’re expecting nicer weather this week, it’s time for our seasonal shift. We’ll be setting up all around and inside the rinkhouse and garage, and we’ll have abundant fall produce and other delicious foods on tables north, south, east and west. Be sure to do the full tour!

There was a gale warning in effect on Georgian Bay when it was time to catch fish, so the Akiwenzies’ Fish & More won’t be down.

I received a note from Nadia, who runs a small cafe called  ‘Hungry Vegan’ in Chatham.  Nadia wrote, ” We recently moved to the Dufferin Grove area and are thoroughly enjoying Toronto! Our goal is to open a store in Toronto that is a grab and go kitchen facility that can welcome local chefs and donate time to teaching families how to cook and eat again. We are hoping to get a feel of the market here and how our menu will go over in the city.” She’s also eager to make local organic farm connections, so we’ve invited Nadia to join us this week, with a tasty sounding menu featuring entrees to take home. Nadia has a free cookie (while supplies last) for every Loyal Eaters Reward Card holder, so be sure to present your card when you stop by. (See how fun this is?)

Another reminder that Angelos (Country Meadows Gardens) is away harvesting olives in Greece, and will be back for the first market in December.

Less food waste = reduced environmental impact. There are some handy tips on ‘best before’ dates on the David Suzuki’s blog. You’ll save money, too, and we’ve got suggestions about where to spend that extra cash….

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman
Here’s the list of who we expect and where you’ll–probably–find them. Like most things in life, this may be subject to unpredictable changes! Note that while there is only one building, we call the north end the rinkhouse, and the south end the garage.

Beretta’s Meats GARAGE
Culture City GARAGE AREA
Dufferin Park Bakers  RINKHOUSE
Everdale Organic Farm GARAGE/OUTSIDE
Forbes Wild Foods RINKHOUSE
Kind Organics RINKHOUSE
Knuckle Down Farm  RINKHOUSE
Marvellous Edibles Farm RINKHOUSE
Pine River Organic Farm RINKHOUSE
Plan B Organics OUTSIDE
Shared Harvest Community Farm OUTSIDE
Spade & Spoon RINKHOUSE
Thorpe’s Organic Produce OUTSIDE
Urban Harvest RINKHOUSE

Those are Marvellous Edibles Farm’s certified organic veggies in the photo up top.