Snowy on the roof, but lively on the inside

Snowy on the roof, but lively on the inside

Hello Market Friends:
We had a great afternoon last Thursday: friendly folks all round, lots to catch up on, and many delicious things to eat. For vendors and customers alike, the trip to market was warmly rewarding.

We’ll shake up the mix just a bit this time. Shared Harvest and Spade & Spoon will be absent, but Ted Thorpe will supply us with some extra organic produce options, and Everdale is back with carrots, lots of other roots, spinach, arugula, tat soi, and red russian, purple and green kale and more musque de provence! Thank you hoophouses! Thank you Kyle!

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Isn’t it amazing that under a snow-covered roof there can be lush greens, ready to enjoy on a winter’s day?

What’s not in the hoophouses is keeping nicely in coldrooms and root cellars.

2015-12-26 14. 01. 42 Mixed roots

Get enough beets so you can roast some ahead to use in salads, and mix up a big panful of all your favourite roots to roast for dinner as well. I pour just a tiny bit of oil onto the chopped up veggies, add a little salt and pepper, toss well and put them in the oven (at 400 degrees if you are already hungry, lower if you have plenty of time). I like to cover the pan with a cookie sheet until they’re almost tender, then finish them off uncovered.  Golden beets are especially nice to put in mixtures because they won’t stain the other vegetables; of course, you can put red ones in their own pan and combine everything at the end.

Bread, meats, poultry, cheese, sprouts, nuts, tofu, eggs, veggies, preserves, wild things and tasty ready-to-eat foods in the rinkhouse; gluten-free baking, barbeque and honey outside; chocolate, coffee, fermented foods and loads of produce in the garage. Nice people inside and out.

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

P. S. The Akiwenzies expect to be frozen in for some time. We’ll keep you posted whenever there is news from them.


Here are the vendors we expect this week. (Rinkhouse = North end, Garage = South end)
Chocosol GARAGE
Country Meadows RINKHOUSE
Culture City GARAGE
Dufferin Park Bakers RINKHOUSE
Everdale Organic Farm GARAGE
Forbes Wild Foods RINKHOUSE
Kind Organics RINKHOUSE
Marvellous Edibles Farm RINKHOUSE
Ted Thorpe GARAGE
Ying Ying Soy Food RINKHOUSE

There are stops for north and southbound buses right at our corner, or the subway is one block north. If you plan to drive, please use the parking on the north end of the park, across from the high school (access from Havelock or the north end of Gladstone) to avoid jam-ups on the little street by the market.