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If You Want It Darker

Hello Market Friends: Happy SPOOKtober, Matt is writing today and has had spiderwebs and pumpkin [...]

Keeping an Eye on the Trends

Hello Market Friends,   There is a constant stream of numbers and statistics available on [...]

Sweet and Lovely Signs

Hello Market Friends: Did you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful Worm Moon this [...]

So Much Beauty At Our Market! 😍

When Rodrigo, of Plan B Organics showed up with these gorgeous Romanesco broccoli, (pictured), I [...]

Starting The Month Off Right! ????

Yes indeed! Great food and great people, in an equally great space! Dufferin Grove Farmers’ [...]

We Did It! And We’re Here to Stay! ????

I can hardly believe it! Despite the many, MANY challenges, we finally had our first [...]