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Bumper to Bumper Crops!

The produce lists say it all. It’s high season! The freshest organic harvests in the [...]

The Forecast

Have you noticed how much growth trees are putting on this year? It’s one of [...]

The June Bonus Market News

Every so often the calendar gives us an extra Thursday, and since June is such [...]

Some Sure Signs of Summer

Every year around the solstice there’s a wonderful moment when Debbie Wiecha’s lavender is ready to [...]

Sweet Eats

Sweet days are here, strawberry season is underway. Quantities are limited, hope you get what [...]

Celebrate Local Food Week with Your Favourite Food Producers!

Yes, indeed, good things grow in Ontario, and good times are ahead at the market. [...]

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

When actors mumble this it’s because they haven’t actually got any words to say, but [...]

A New Season Begins

Ignore the thermometer and enjoy the sun! It’s spring! We’ve got a bit of news [...]

Sweet, Scary and Surprising

  It’s hard to know what to wish for with this weather, isn’t it? I [...]

Home Cookin’

Another beautiful produce list has arrived from Everdale Organic Farm for this week’s market: spinach, [...]