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A Fresh Year Ahead

Happy New Year! One missed market, and it feels like such a long time! It [...]

Think Vertical

LAST MARKET OF 2016: DECEMBER 22ND FIRST MARKET OF 2017: JANUARY 5TH When the thermometer [...]

A Mighty Fine Day Ahead

We’ve got the tape measure, chalk, ladder, extension cords and map ready for the first-day-on-the-rink [...]

Gratitude and Abundance

I think I have to get a head start on giving thanks this week, to [...]

What’s on your list this week?

This edition of our news includes: a) lots to help you plan your grocery list, [...]

Cukes, Zukes, Taties and ‘Maties, and that ain’t all!

We can’t even list all the veggies and fruits at the market these days. A [...]

Bushels of News

Hope you’ve been eating plenty of Everdale’s (rainbow and super-sweet orange) carrots, because there’s lots [...]

Great Producers, Tough Challenges

It’s fun to be the bearer of good news. Each summer week, I get to [...]

Market News for July 7th

Despite the dry weather, we’re on the crest of a wave of early summer harvests. [...]

Canada Day Market News

  When you do the rounds of the farmers’ tables this week, you’ll see that [...]