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Busy, Busy

Busy days on the farms mean a few changes to the roster, and many good [...]

Is gentrification helping the market?

Real estate agents like to mention the market as one of the neighbourhood’s assets, and [...]

August Abundance

Our growers are bringing bunches, bags or baskets of pretty much everything that grows in [...]

The June Bonus Market News

Every so often the calendar gives us an extra Thursday, and since June is such [...]

Local…It’s not just for summer anymore

A number of people I’ve met lately have asked if I take a long winter [...]

Marvellous Market News

I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon at Marvellous Edibles Farm last weekend. [...]

News for an August Afternoon

Ripe like a peach, that’s what summer is now that it’s August. Hope you can [...]

Applying to Vend

Thank You ‘Dufferin-Grovers’!

HELP US KEEP THE MARKET GOING   Yes indeed folks – because of your kindness [...]

Peaches, Cream, & Trouble

  What a hot couple of days it’s been! But not even heat warnings and [...]