What Grows Together, Goes Together

What Grows Together, Goes Together

On these first cool nights, it feels a little early for central heating, but it’s wonderfully cozy to have something slowly roasting in the oven. They say what grows together goes together, and fall flavour combinations certainly demonstrate that: squash and leeks, wild rice and mushrooms, cabbage and apples….What are you in the mood for?

Remarkably, we still have some sweet summer tastes, too. The Sosnickis’ Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes have been super-prolific, and Shared Harvest is picking watermelons! Enjoy it all while it lasts, and don’t put your shorts away quite yet.
2016-10-12-12-25-02On a related note, I’m delighted to report that Floralora Flowers will be in attendance one more time. Thanks for all the beauty, Sas!

2016-10-11-21-58-14 Our farmers are expert at extending the growing season, and finding ways to grow new crops, too. It’s fun seeing customers with long stalks of fresh ginger sticking out of their bags, and there are rumours of fresh turmeric coming soon from Everdale as well. Local eating has never been more interesting!

October is a magnificent month for wild foods, so be sure to visit Seth‘s table and see what Forbes’ Wild Foods has in the way of mushrooms, cranberries, and other goodies.

Southbrook will be in attendance with Ontario VQA wines. Ask about their grape harvests, and plan a visit sometime if you can. It’s a very interesting place, with biodynamically grown vines, sheep, Monarch-friendly habitat and more.

Thinking of eating something at the market? Lots to choose from:
Jason Kun of Island Oysters is bringing exceptionally good west coast oysters, Rafael of Tapioca Kitchen will be making delicious seasonal (and always gluten-free) crepes, the fry boys will be busy on the east end of the rink, ChocoSol will be cooking up a storm, and there will be sweet and savoury snacks from DeFloured. Meanwhile, at Ali Harris’s table, it’s PUMPKIN THEME WEEK! He’ll be making every delicious thing featuring pumpkin.

A note about the Dufferin Grove Park food included at the market:
This food is offered as part of the City of Toronto programming aimed at welcoming people to the park. The cooks aren’t able to fill large orders for takeaway, such as jars of soup, unless there happens to be a surplus at the end of the market and they won’t have another opportunity to use the extra food. Thanks for your understanding.

If you arrive early, you might see a tour passing through. Food Secure Canada is holding their national conference, “Resetting the Table” in Toronto, and some attendees will be visiting us.

It may be cool, but you’ll get a warm welcome. Come and join us on the rink!
Anne Freeman

P.S. Please follow these links to learn more about two local issues, and consider lending your voice and signature:

  1. a petition to ensure there are benefits to the community from the redevelopment of the Bloor-Dufferin lands owned by the TDSB.
  2.  a petition asking the Premier to protect Ontario’s Greenbelt from over 650 requests by developers to take land out of it.

Vendors this week: 2016-02-07 00.52.39
Ali Harris
All Sorts Acre
Bees Universe
Country Meadows
Dufferin Park Bakers
Everdale Organic Farm
Floralora Flowers 
Forbes Wild Foods
Island Oysters
JK Fries
Kind Organics
Knuckle Down Farm
Liz & Wayne’s Georgian Bay Apples
Marvellous Edibles
Mike the Knife Guy
Monforte Dairy
Pine River Organic Farm
Plan B
Shared Harvest Community Farm
Sosnicki Organic Produce
Spade & Spoon
Thorpe’s Organic Produce
Ujamaa Farm
Urban Harvest
VQA Wines: Southbrook
Waymac Farms
Ying Ying Soy Food

Please bring along containers and bags to help reduce waste. Free, lightly used bags are available at the info. table, and donations of more are greatly appreciated!