The Best Flavours of Summer

The best flavours of summer

It’s going to be like a country fair this week, with all the growers vying for the winning display, and we get to take home the prize produce!

Ted Thorpe called to say there will be a MASSIVE ZUCCHINI SALE. He’ll also have cherry tomatoes, two types of beans and two of carrots. For carrot connoisseurs, those will be a skinny type similar to the popular ‘Nelson’ variety, and an old-fashioned, tapered type, ‘Amsterdam’. He’ll have lots of other veggies as well, and a couple hundred quarts of late strawberries from his cousin.

The best flavours of summerOver at ‘the Parsley Palace’ aka Shared Harvest, there will be a beautiful array, including the following items: Red Calaloo, Wild Purslane, Garlic, Onions, Italian Basil, Thai Basil, Persian Basil, Sacred Basil or Tulsi, Cabbage, Kale, Parsley, Slicing Cucumbers, Lemon Cucumbers, Daikon Radish, Beets, Beans, Carrots, Zucchini, Fennel and possibly some Radicchio. Kevin says, “Notice the respect I gave this produce in the use of capital letters!”Co

Not to be outdone, Wolf from Everdale will have technicolour beets, blooms and more.

Rodrigo will be showing off his Swiss Chard and Garlic at the Plan B tables, and the new potatoes from Sosnicki Organic Produce will be scrubbed til they are spotless. Here’s their contribution:

“A larger selection of heirloom tomatoes is coming, along with fresh pulled basil, **first sun sugar cherry tomatoes**, fresh dug spuds, loads of zucchinis and cucumbers. We have lots of cucs for fresh eating salads and pickling – but please don’t message me as I’m not taking orders. I will send as many 25 lb cases as we have each week. We even have a beautiful blonde cucumber that has sweet delicate skins also great for fresh eating and pickling! We hope to pull the first sweet onions for Dufferin as well! All this while we rush to weed, weed, and weed some more and irrigate, irrigate, and irrigate some more!! Sun up to sun down around here 7 days a week!” Jessie Sosnicki Photo 1 2

Continuing on the theme of non-stop work, Jenny writes: “Well, this week the garlic decided it needed to come out so we haven’t had time for much else. That means we will have lots of beautiful fresh garlic for you at market! We will also have bunches of Collards, Kale and Chard and a small amount of baby greens, but they are in short supply until we get some rain out here, so come early. If you know a rain dance, send it Knuckle Down Farm way.”

Our other growers will have more to add to the grand assortment, and I haven’t even mentioned all the bread, cheese, meats, preserves, wild foods, snacks and other prepared items!

Chef Luciano Schipano from Slow Food will be making his Grandmother’s Minestrone, and giving away free samples, to demonstrate that you can use pretty much every bit of market produce–including parts you might usually throw in the compost–to make a delicious meal. Please bring a cup or bowl along!

2018 07 17 15. 45. 28In our ongoing series of Summer Events, the Art Hive returns this week! Visit the friendly crew under the tent with the bunting to see what’s happening. You’re invited to join in.

See you at the market!
Anne Freeman

Vendors this week:
Ali Harris: rotis, sandwiches, drinks
All Sorts Acres: lamb, sheep dairy, wool
Bees Universe: honey, bee products, eggs
ChocoSol: chocolate and chocolate beverages, coffee
Country Meadows: olives, oil, eggs, cheese
Culture City: fermented condiments and preserves, tempeh
DeFloured: savoury and sweet gluten-free baking
Dufferin Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, salads, snacks
Earth & City: salads, snacks and beverages
Everdale Farm: fresh organic produce
Forbes Wild Foods: wild mushrooms, maple syrup & more
Fressy Bessie: organic unsweetened ice pops
Frogpond Farm: local, organic, VQA wines
GreenFlorin: Moldovan nuts, oils, and dried fruits
Kind Organics: sprouts, salad mixes, teas, microgreens
Knuckle Down Farm: fresh organic produce
Marvellous Edibles: pastured meats, organic veg. & more
Monforte Dairy: cheeses from many milks
Niagara Lavender Farm: tender fruits, berries, lavender
Plan B: local and imported organic produce
Robinson Bread: fresh-baked sourdough breads and pastries
Shared Harvest Community Farm: fresh organic produce
Spade & Spoon: preserves, maple syrup
Sosnicki Organic Produce: certified organic veggies
Tapioca Toronto: Brazilian style gluten-free crepes with market fillings
TC’s Tibetan Momos: vegetarian and meat-filled dumplings
Ted Thorpe: veggies and greens, strawberries

Stas and Waymac will be absent, and we’re not sure about Pine River yet.

From George the Banjo Man‘s Market Song:   2018 07 17 14. 22. 20

Not many folks go hungry at the market down on Dufferin;
It’s a good time for everyone, so no one there is sufferin’
People come from far and near, they will enjoy it all;
Meeting up with all their friends they really have a ball;
Go to the market Thursdays, there really is a reason;
For cherries, berries, lots of fruit–now they’re all in season….

A reminder to bring along a MARKET KIT of shopping bags, containers, and other ‘reusables’ to cut down on waste.