Canadian Summer

Canadian Summer

Hello Market Friends:
I felt confused when I came across a huge holiday crossword puzzle in the weekend paper. Holiday? OH, right, it’s almost Canada Day! To us, that means it’s time to plan a local feast!

For everyone who has been longing for full-on summer foods, the wait is coming to an end. Local menus are becoming more and more varied, as spring plantings mature and come to the market. We invite you to send us photographs of your favourite local meals!

canadian summer
a couple of market old-timers

You don’t need a calendar to tell you it’s summer when Ted Thorpe’s harvests roll in! In case you haven’t noticed, Ted is rarely an early bird, his strong suit is later plantings. This week, we’ve got Ted’s wonderful Black (or Dino) Kale and his other beautiful greens on

Strawberries are still going strong! Long-time market friend Gisèle Poitvin reports that she got enough into her freezer to make 105 smoothies! What could be nicer than starting the day with that flavour? Last week Mimi from Reye’s Farms kindly sent an extra flat of berries for our depot packers, and I couldn’t help laughing at the expressions on people’s faces as they tasted them. Tristan Meyer-Odell kept trying to tear himself away from the table and then going back for one more. Few treats compare to real, properly grown and just-picked berries.

The changes we made to order pickup routines at 270 Gladstone worked like a charm last week. NO MORE LINEUPS! We are aiming to get delivery orders out more quickly, too but please don’t fret if your order doesn’t arrive before the evening. A reminder to put out a cooler with cold packs if you might not be home.

Thank you all for your steadfast support!

Anne & the Market Team

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image1Shelling Peas