Singing in the Heat

Singing in the Heat

Hello Market Friends:

In honour of the exciting produce coming in this week, I have composed a special song (almost certain to be a one-hit wonder on Heat Wave Records).
It is meant to be sung to your own tune, at top volume (mask and clothing optional, depending on location).

Veggie Medley
There’s no peas like snow peas
We all clap for sugar snaps,
There’s no telling how good shelling peas are…..

Holler for collards,
Try hard to buy chard
and make your escape with some great garlic scapes!

Cherries are sweet
But don’t forget beets
And lettuce make room for plenty of shrooms!

Forget all your suffering
The veggies at Dufferin
Will cure all your blues to be sure!


Moving right along, news and reminders for this week:

We are delighted to have Jenny Cook of Knuckle Down Farm joining us again! Jenny has the first garlic on offer this season.

Young Garlic

The longer I hang around the market, the more favourite products I discover. My newest is Spade & Spoon‘s Zucchini Horseradish Relish. Wow, it’s delicious! some alongside Marvellous Edibles‘ Ketchup and one of Forbes’ Wild Foods’ excellent mustards, and fire up the barbeque!

*NEW* Please make a note of our official phone number: (844) 434-7683 or 844-4DGROVE

Messages left at this number will be returned within 24 hours, and from noon to 4pm daily, the line will be staffed.

On Sundays, from noon to 4, telephone assistance is available to place orders. If you know anyone who is having difficulty accessing or using the site, let them know that we are happy to help.

Multiple Orders Insider Tip: If you place an order and then realize you forgot some things, when you return to order more items, choose the delivery option (regardless of what you chose the first time) and write COMBO in the postal code box. Write your first order number in the notes section, and bingo! You won’t be charged delivery on your second order, and you won’t be taking up two pickup spots when you only need one. We will pack the two orders together for you.

Thanks for all your support, and keep singing!
Anne Freeman and the Market Team

P.S. When this time ends… is the title of a short community collaboration we tried last week with people coming to get their orders and online via the ArtHive Popup. We got some really interesting responses, and we have decided to extend it for another week, as well as inviting market news readers to take part. Here’s how it works:

Starting from the title (When this time ends…), write your thoughts about one or more of the following:

What I will be happiest to do again

What I will care less about

What I will have learned

What we need to prioritize

What we need to give up

What we need to accept

What I will wish more people knew

Send your response to within a week. We will find a way to share the ideas that we collect.


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