Here’s to Local Food Entrepreneurs!

Here's to Local Food Entrepreneurs!

Hello Market Friends:

This week I have been thinking about the market afternoon when I first heard a lineup of customers singing Brazilian songs. Of course, they were eagerly waiting for Tapioca Toronto‘s delicious crepes. A few days ago I visited Anna and Rafael in their sweet new shop just east of Lansdowne on College (the former DeFloured bakery) and chatted with them about how they started out at Dufferin, and the plans they have now. I really liked hearing how much they are thinking of supportive collaborations among market vendors; Bees Universe eggs, ChocoSol bars and Alchemy Pickle Company’s kombucha were available in the shop, and they hope to have more options on offer through the winter, as we all try to navigate the new course we are on. Drop by for coffee and a croissant or cheese buns one morning soon, and be sure to try their growing selection of delicious prepared foods available on our site!

We can’t take credit for all the small food businesses that have grown through their participation in the market, but we cheer on their efforts and successes! We hope you will support these determined entrepreneurs, both on our site and by visiting their shops. Next time you are headed to Etobicoke, for example, stop in at TC Tibetan Momos at 182 Royal York Road, and close to our depot, keep an eye on 6 Brock, soon to open as the beautiful home of Robinson Bread!

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Right now, some of the biggest harvests of the year are rolling in, just in time to make all kinds of cozy meals for the bigger appetites brought on by cooler weather. How’s your fruit and veggie knowledge? Can you tell a delicata from a dumpling (squash) and a Gala from a Ginger Gold (apple)? We have weekly review sessions with our packing crew on Thursday mornings. You have to be able to differentiate rapini from mustard greens, lovage from parsley, Shepherd peppers from Bells, and a few hundred more products if you want to be part of our elite squad!

In vendor kitchens, wonderful transformations are taking place. How about a little friendly competition?

Robinson Bread and MotherDough are both in the winners’ circle with spectacular seasonal fruit galettes.

How do you like your hummus? With red pepper from Alma Bakery, with beet or curried onion from Earth & City, or classic from Marvellous Edibles?

What’s it gonna be, Fuzzy Peach Jam from Spade & Spoon, or Ontario Peach & Passionfruit from Tapioca Toronto?

Sorry, you are just going to have to try them all….Have a delicious week!

Anne Freeman & the Market Crew