What Smells So Good?

What smells so good?

Something about October makes me crave warm and rich aromatics. The sweet relief from my seasonal allergies just demands pies in the oven and soup on the stove. I could eat pumpkin spice for every meal (and I do) but, I want to highlight a few goods from our vendors which really elevate my fall cooking.

Vasile Florin brings these beautiful dried pears and jars of hazelnuts to the market. I think the combo makes a sweet and elegant fall flavour and I love hazelnuts and dried pears baked into everything from scones to muffins to galettes.

Ying Ying has made me miso obsessed. Every week I’m looking for a new recipe to utilize my jar of the earthy, salty, umami Organic Miso. I’ve added spoonfuls to homemade instant soup, vegetarian carbonara, and even cookies!

A small jar of organic miso with a white background

I may be implying I’m a star chef creating and mastering new dishes. I know that’s not true and so does anyone who’s eaten my cooking. So my next recommendation for bringing bold fall flavours home are the jellies from Spade and Spoon. You don’t need fresh baked sourdough (though we do have that) with breakfast as long as you have the right spread. Mulled Apple Cider Jelly, Apple Rosemary Jelly, and Pear Ginger Jam need no hyping up. They are as beautiful in colour and taste as you think!

Sourdough stripped with flour held in hand

Another trick is the Lamb Broth Buttons from All Sorts Acres. A simply perfect plain broth with nothing added. Many of you are regular fans of the dairy goods from Jennifer and Tim’s farm and I think it’s time you up your soup game with these local broth buttons. You can even skip cooking altogether and just add boiling water to make a sippable comfort food.

Frozen light brown broth

The shop is open with everything from Witch’s Brooms to Beetroot Hummus! Stay warm, stay safe. Continue helping your neighbours and sharing hope and kindness. See you on Thursday from a safe distance.

Matt and the Market Crew