An Eventful Week 🎃

An Eventful Week 🎃

Hello Market Friends:

So much can happen in a week! When we put out a call for support, we really didn’t know what would happen, but we are part of a wonderful community, and you didn’t let us down!

Many sweet messages of support have come our way, as well as contributions to our costs both small and large, and offers of volunteer help with our upcoming move back to the Parish Hall.

The letters which were sent to Councillor Bailao on our behalf resulted in a special exception from PF&R: our unused permit fees will be returned!

We are tremendously grateful. Now we have the confidence to commit to continuing throughout the winter, much to the relief of vendors who rely on the market to keep body and soul together.

This expression seems appropriate given our line of work and what the market means to so many.

I should admit that the news of the week was not all good, though. After our five month wait, we learned that our funding application to the Ministry of Agriculture was rejected: a big disappointment. Also, I am still wrangling with the bank about the e-transfer stolen from Ted Thorpe.

Our finances will still be tight, so your support means a great deal to us. Their ‘Community Support’ page is not set up yet, but If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the costs of housing us at St. Anne’s, you can do so via their General Fund. Be sure to add a note saying ‘in support of the market’.

three creepy carved pumpkins with additions of onions and produce to add details

This week, we invite you to participate in our first Virtual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Sharpen your pumpkin carving tools and get ready to carve a pumpkin in the theme of “What happens when you don’t eat your veggies…”. We are looking for imagination and creativity!

Rules and How to Enter:

1.     This contest is open to absolutely everyone!

2.     From October 25th to November 1st at 6 PM, please submit a clear picture of your pumpkin to with the Subject: PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST SUBMISSION. Or share your entry on social media. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (or both!) and make sure the privacy is set to Public. Make sure you let us know somewhere in the description that this is a contest entry and not simply showing off your freshly carved #MarketHaul.

3.     In the Halloween spirit and to avoid any possible bias on the part of our Celebrity Judge, the Reverend Gary van der Meer, please include a pseudonym (fake name) along with the picture of your pumpkin. Good choices are names of fictional characters such as “Count Rutabaga”or “Frankenbeet”.

4.     What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, along with fame, the top 3 entries will win PRIZES!

First Prize: 1 Little Witch Broom or Witch Broom from Kawartha Broom Co.

Second Prize: 2 Pocket Heaters from Helen Mends

Third Prize: 1 Heart-Shaped Beeswax Candle from Bees Universe

5.     Winners will be announced on November 8th!

Carve your best and make our guest judge impressed! May the best jack-o’-lantern win!

*By entering this contest, you are giving us permission to potentially post a photo of your pumpkin with your pseudonym on social media. Contest winners will be contacted directly by email.

close up of lion's mane mushroomslice of faitytale pumpkin

Shifting to FOOD NEWS:

Monforte Dairy has joined our online flock! We are thrilled to offer you a selection of their delicious cheeses! Welcome Christian, Ruth and Co.!

Wondering what Kooner Farms’ ‘Fairytale Pumpkins’ are? If you got a whole one, it would make a fine coach, but a $5 slice makes a wonderful side dish, soup or stew. It is terrific simply steamed and mashed with a little butter, salt and pepper.

It’s a fun time of year for fungi! Don’t let their looks spook you, Summergreen’s Lion’s Mane mushrooms are healthful and sublime tasting, and the foragers’ weekly choice of fresh wild mushrooms from Forbes Wild Foods is always a treat!

Helen Mends puts the fun back in masks with her assorted fabric choices.

Spend a little time browsing to find many more delights on!

Thanks again!

Anne & the Market Crew

Four tents set up outside St Anne's church with a small group of socially distanced famers market shoppers and workers