Let There be Cake, and Prizes too!

Let There be Cake, and Prizes too!

Hello Market Friends New and Old:

This week, we are celebrating the 18th birthday of the market. We may be doing things a bit differently this year, but that won’t stop us from honouring the occasion with happiness and treats for all. That’s right: everyone who orders this week will receive a miniature market birthday cake! Together we have proven beyond a doubt that the warm heartbeat of the market is still healthy and strong, so let’s enjoy this anniversary!

let there be cake and prizes too

Special thanks go to Carole Ferrari of Motherdough and our traditional cake baker, Leslie Lindsay, who will be turning out literally hundreds of delicious little Fall Fruit & Carrot Cakes. The cakes are all vegan, and there are both gluten-free and spelt versions, featuring ingredients contributed by our generous vendors: carrots from Ben & Jessie Sosnicki, maple syrup from Seth of Forbes Wild Foods and Blythe and Adam of Spade & Spoon, coconut oil from Mathieu, Cat & Diego of ChocoSol, and apples & pears from Mimi & Nacho of Reyes Farms, as well as Carole’s fresh-milled flour. (Delivery customers: we will send you a gluten-free cake unless you add a note to say you would prefer the other version.)

A new option for pickup customers begins this week: BYO Bags! We have noticed how many of you prefer to re-pack your orders and hand back the bags. In order to reduce waste and save on the cost of bags, when you place your order, check the box indicating you don’t want bags. We will bring your items out in a crate which you can empty into your vehicle or your own bags. Then we will sanitize the table and crate for the next user. Of course, if you prefer us to pack your items as we have been doing, we are happy to do so!

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Full Evergreen Wreath
from Essa Seedlings, $50

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Organic Dried Mangoes
from LaPapampa$8


We are tickled to announce the winners of the Pumpkin Carving Contest, and share the wise words of our judge, Reverend Gary van der Meer:

Hello Halloween Friends,

It’s an honour to choose from such esteemed entries. I like them all!

Keeping with the theme of “What happens when you don’t eat your veggies”, here are the 5 that most lend themselves to a comeback that finishes the sentence!


The Grand Prize Winner, receiving a Witch/Wizard broom from Kawartha Broom Company, is Say What!? “You mean they’re good for me! But how about if I don’t like them before I even taste them!?”

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In Second Place, the winner of a pair of pocket hand warmers from Helen MendsJack O’ Brittle Teeth. “Oh no! I found out too late that chewing raw veggies is really good for my gums. Look what’s happened to my teeth. Learn from me!!!!”

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Third Prize, a heart-shaped beeswax candle from Bees Universe, goes to Jack O’ Landfill. “Even veggies can’t withstand a night of solo excess with a bottle.”

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Fourth Prize, a child-size Witch Broom from Kawartha Broom Company, goes to Little Person House. “What if I use my veggies to make toys instead of eating them?”

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The Runner Up is People Eater. “A true horror; instead of eating veggies, I have developed a taste for human flesh. Grrrr.”

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Get great veggies at the market. Eat them. It’s a better life.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary van der Meer

Our veggie selection is still fantastic, and so are your options for fall fruit, poultry, tofu, baking, ready to eat meals, wild foods and treats.

Sosnicki Organics will be away this week taking advantage of the amazing weather to finish some outdoor tasks before their crew leaves the farm.

In case you didn’t spot them on the site last week, we are happy to welcome back Lapapampa Mangoes, fresh-picked and quick dried organic mangoes from Angie and Ray Sanchez’s orchard in Peru.

Recently we shared a tribute to Maricela Valdez, a warm and lovely park staff member and mother who passed away recently. A fundraiser for Maricela’s children has been organized by her friends in the community, and you can contribute here: fundrazr.com/MaricelaMemorial.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful week, and See you at the Market!

Anne & the Crew

Your support of the market is greatly appreciated. You can make a contribution to our operating expenses here, or a tax-deductible donation towards the cost of housing us at St. Anne’s here. (Be sure to add a note saying your gift is for the market.) Thank you!

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