Glad to be Here 🌹

Glad to be here 🌹

Hello Market Friends:

We are so glad we can continue to offer you a safe and friendly source of food at this difficult time. We have a couple of things to mention in light of the lockdown:

First of all, if you don’t want to leave home to get your order, we have plenty of capacity for more deliveries.

For those who opt for pickup, we have reduced the number of customers per time slot to spread people out a little more and minimize any wait. We can still fit everyone in, but if you order at the last minute, you may find you have fewer times left to choose from. It’s extra-important to come at your pickup time in order to make things run smoothly.

Your questions, suggestions, and concerns are always welcome. We can do this together!

Now, on to the news from farmers and vendors:

Glad to be here

Indian Carrots
from Kooner Farms, $6

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Pack of 12 Christmas Candles
from Bees Universe$12

We have managed to stretch the growing season a long way this year. Those happy gleaners are in Ted Thorpe’s field up top. Ted likes to plant for fall, so he is still harvesting hardy greens when they aren’t too cold to pick.

Stock up on essentials from Sosnicki’s, as they are going to begin alternating weeks now (i.e. they will be absent on December 3rd). They plan to be with us this way right on through the winter, but they need to conserve their energy to do that.

Indy Kooner says this is the latest they have ever attended a farmers’ market, and they are running out of almost everything. Grab one of Kooner Organics’ gorgeous cauliflowers or a bunch of rapini while you can!

Luckily though, Cheyenne from Sundance Harvest has lots planted in her expanded greenhouses, and Nature’s Way is adding produce alongside their Passion Popcorn.

We’re also tickled to tell you that Derick from Summergreen has finished preparing his operation for winter production, so he is back this week with mushrooms and—SURPRISE—Hardy Peach and Mulberry trees for fall planting!


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And that’s not all….We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Holiday Selections list! Many of our vendors prepare extra special treats and crafts at this time of year, so why not choose lovely homegrown and handmade items to give to the ones you love, or to treat yourself? No malls required!

The Holiday page will give you a few suggestions each week, and then you can take it from there. Take a look at the full assortment of beeswax candles from Bees Universe, all the delicious preserves from Spade & Spoon, and many more goodies to make it a very local holiday season. Decorate your door with a sustainably harvested wreath from Essa Seedlings, or one of the leatherwork ornaments from Kawartha Broom Company, or delight a child with a cape from our newest vendor, Fancy Pants Kids!

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Gold with red heart adjustable fleece crown.
Blue classic supercape size 2-3
A child wearing a red supercape and a blue with yellow star adjustable fleece crown.

When I look back on this time of operating the market online, one of many things I will be grateful for is the opportunity it has created to work with an extraordinary group of people. I will tell you more another time, but one of these people is Gretel Meyer-Odell, the creator of Fancy Pants Kids. Although, as Gretel says, her products are not organic in the usual sense, we thought it would be fun to share her very local creations with you.

Because who doesn’t need some fun these days?

Sending you our best wishes,

Anne & the Market Crew