A Wish for Light ⭐

A Wish for Light ⭐

Adam from Spade & Spoon sent this remarkable photograph he took in their sugarbush, of shadowy trees waiting for the light to reach past that cold blue line, so like many of us have felt with each passing day and season. Chanukah candles are brightening windows, the solstice is almost here, and the light will grow stronger again.

Last Thursday at the depot, we were all charmed by the playful veggie ornaments Gretel has been making. She explained that many people are commemorating 2020 with negative souvenirs, but these are reminders of a positive development that we have been part of this year, something to celebrate.

a wish for light
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We only have one market day left before we take a break until January, and yet we have so much to show off this week. Since you are going to need to stock up on provisions to last for a couple of weeks, let’s start with some ready-to-go combinations:

Reza from Alma Bakery is offering lovely boxes with mini-flatbreads, dips and his fantastic marinated olives. If you don’t think you’re an olive fan, you need to try these.

At Tapioca TorontoRafael and Anna are assembling Small and Large Bundles of many favourite products at reduced prices. Treat yourself to more for less!

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Holiday Box
from Alma Bakery, $21.50

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Holiday Bundle – Small
from Tapioca Toronto$60

Our Holiday Market Boxes have been a great hit so far, so order early to avoid disappointment. Aanastasia can only pack so many…
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Up at Marvellous EdiblesAyse is busy baking traditional favourites: Stollen and Tourtiere, and it’s not too late to get a turkeygooseduck or chicken if you are planning feasts of any size.

For those who prefer a meatless option, we’ve got tofurkeys from Ying Ying Soy available.

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For decorating your home, Liz from Essa Seedlings has wreaths and gorgeous Floral Centrepieces, and All Sorts Acres has fresh bundles of farm-cut greens.

Chances are good that you might be raising a glass or two over the coming days, and we have stellar ingredients:

Spade and Spoon’s Caesar mix is finally back! Delicious, healthy, vegan, and GMO-free, it is excellent on its own or with vodka.

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Another route to extraordinary cocktails: Forbes Wild Foods’ Elderflower or Wild Rose syrups.

For those who prefer festive drinks without alcohol, take a look at all the amazing kombuchas on offer from Alchemy and Windswept Cider, in larger sizes, too.

Sweets for the sweet?  How about Maple Popcorn3-packs of Candycane Macaroons, Eggnog gelato, or Chocolate-covered Walnuts?

My fingers are wearing out with all these choices! Please enjoy looking around at everything on the site.

An important update before I sign off:

After a long period of consideration, we have updated and expanded our Delivery Zones. The new zones more accurately reflect the mileage and time required to get market orders out to customers. You may find that your address falls in a different zone now. If a higher cost makes it a hardship to shop from the market, we want to hear from you. We really value loyal supporters, and we can do some tweaking if necessary.

From all of us at the market to all of you, a wish for a restful, hopeful holiday, and a healthy and bright 2021.

— Anne & the Market Crew

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