I Hope This Newsletter Finds You Well

I Hope This Newsletter Finds You Well

Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms fresh from Oregon, available from Forbes Wild Foods. Buttery flavour and very versatile!

Hello Market Friends:
I’ve been having such a difficult time thinking about Purim. I’ve been so excited for our Purim bags (Mishloach Manot) we have this week for the holiday. The incredible Sarah has spearheaded our Matanot L’evyonim program and is doing an amazing job. In the first 6 hours the shop was open this week, we had 32 requests for Purim gift certificates to feed people experiencing food insecurity! It’s so heartwarming to see your support and we can’t thank you enough! Still, I scroll past the ads for zoom parties and I haven’t even marked the day on my whiteboard calendar. Last year, just days before the first lockdown, I felt impossibly lucky and literally danced home from a Purim party crawl. I haven’t looked the second year of the pandemic in the face yet and I’m scared to do so while wearing a cat costume in my living room. I’m going to though. It’s non-negotiable. The cat ears and the pushing forward. It’s difficult and it’s sad but it’s always the right time to draw whiskers on your face and connect with other people. Here are a few recent moments of connection I’ve seen through our market:

Canadian Organic Seed Company let us know about a new neighbour:
“It is mild here today with lots of snow. A snowy Arctic Owl has been here a few days. A rare sight. We have had to leave the chickens locked up in their coop…..dinner for owls!
I didn’t get a picture of the Snowy Owl, a mere fleeting moment, but here’s one of our 34 yr. old mare who has “free rein” around the farm. She came to us as a 3-month-old. We feed her fermented grains to keep her in good condition, a champion like her granddad, Secretariat.
Her name is “Trinity Bay” named after a port in Newfoundland. Most days she hangs out with the chickens. She loves the daily soft warm fermented grain mash, we throw in carrot peelings, apples, corn niblets. A little TLC goes a long way!

i hope this newsletter finds you well

Buschbeck Farms emailed this to us just because they thought some of the other vendors and you folks might find it interesting too!

Fit to Eat: the NL Farm and Food Show

Announcing the Second Season, which will begin on Canada’s Agriculture Day – Feb. 23, 2021

The first season featured 55 half-hour shows with farmers, processors, hunters, chefs, thinkers, innovators, homesteaders, researchers and eaters.  And, to further lighten the tone, it included music suggested by the interview guests. If you missed that season, all of the shows are still available at www.fittoeatnl.ca.”  

Veteran market crew all-star Carianne made this beautiful poster for Black History Month which we’ve laminated and put on our “wall of inspiration” at the depot.

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And then there’s welcoming new vendors!

Fressy Bessie’s frozen treats are selling like hotcakes! Don’t let anyone tell you February is too early for popsicles. I like to think of it as the ideal time to save freezer space because the frozen outdoors are right there!

Magic Oven’s incredible meals, sauces, and chutneys are on the webstore and we are so excited for you all to try them. Please show them that classic Dufferin Grove Market welcome and add some samosas or pulled jackfruit to your order.

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Purim Gift Bag – Large
from Dufferin Market, $54

We’ve also been hearing how much you miss Marvellous Edibles as they continue their six-week break (coming back in March). While Marvellous is a bit of a one-stop-shop at the market, bringing us everything from pumpkin pie to Pekin duck to heirloom tomatoes, we hope you will continue to discover what our other vendors have been bringing in. Hummus from Alma BakeryEggs (chicken and duck) from Nature’s Way and Bees Universe, desserts from Robinson Bread, and leafy greens from Plan B Organic Farms to name a few.

And Fancy Pants Kids is back with high-quality crowns and capes for a limited time for anyone who needs a last-minute Purim costume or anyone who maybe recently discovered they are royalty. Multi-purpose.

I hope you all continue to have an inspiring Black History month full of learning, celebration, community, and love. I hope you have had a chance to make a snowman this year! I hope you are getting some sunshine when you can and I hope you are staying strong.

— Matt and the Market Crew