Oxen, Cardinals, Hearts and… Spinach

Oxen, Cardinals, Hearts and... Spinach

Hello Market Friends:

Happy Year of the Ox! There is no question that we need the patience and stubbornness of oxen this year, but also the gentleness and hardworking traits they are known for. I just learned a Mandarin greeting: chun jie kuai le, which means Happy Spring Festival. Gung hay fat choy to Cantonese speakers! Sending wishes to speakers of other Asian languages for health and happiness in the year ahead, too!

Miles Hearn, the Port Credit field naturalist who took this gorgeous photo of a pair of Northern Cardinals, recently wrote about hearing their songs again, a sure sign that we are in the last weeks of winter (more reliable than Wiarton Willie’s predictions, for example, although he agreed this year!). (If you would like to enjoy more of Miles’ photographs and observations, visit mileshearn.com)

Other promising indications: Ed Dirse from Nature’s Way recounted his best-ever technique for germinating peppers last week, there are lots more seeds appearing on the site from Urban Harvest and Canadian Organic Seed Company, and more applications to join the market are pouring in than you could shake a stick at!

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One last sign of what’s ahead: Sosnicki‘s are picking 30 bags of spinach for us! (It’s still February, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)

We are celebrating the last of the really cold weather with the arrival of ice lollies! Jackie Kwitko has put years of work into sourcing all the organic and local fruits and veggies she can for Fressy Bessie’s healthy treats, and kids of all ages love them.

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Stripey Sleep Mask
from Helen Mends, $12

Now, to reminisce a little about summer, do you recall seeing photos of Connie Wiecha’s beautiful little peach-tester Nyah in the newsletter? Well, just look at her now with the latest addition to the family! Larkin James Corbett was born on January 26th. His first name comes from the farm road where the peach orchard is. Debbie would be so proud of these grandchildren.

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It’s never too late for love…If you didn’t get one of MotherDough’s Persian Love Cakes last week, she is baking more, and donating $15 from each sale to Justicia for Migrant Workers.

A reminder to place your orders for Purim bags for delivery next week.

There is lots more that is sure to please on the site!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Family Day!

With love from the Market!

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