Spring Forward! Daylight Savings News

Spring Forward! Daylight Savings News

Hello Market Friends:

On my frequent trips to admire the big patch of snowdrops on Delaware this week, I was delighted to see many tiny bees enjoying them as well. The annual miracle has begun!

The solid stretch of sunny and plus zero days and cold nights ahead is just what maple syrup makers have been hoping for. Big run underway! Here is Blythe in Spade and Spoon’s sugar bush:

spring forward daylight savings news
You can really feel the strength of the sun these days. My mother and aunts used to fill their clothes lines with linens at this time of year because the powerful March sun is the best stain-remover.

Time for a reminder to delivery customers, particularly those with west-facing front porches! Please put a cooler or other box out where our drivers can leave cold items if you won’t be at the door to receive them. We want your gelato, ice lollieswild-caught pickerel filets and other frozen products to stay that way!

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Beef Tinga
from Magic Oven, $15

Canadian Organic Seed Company is back at the market with many more seeds on their list. Christine says the big piles of snow on the farm melted in a day and she may be digging horseradish for next week!

The time has come to bid a fond farewell to Aanastasia Myers, who has returned to her pre-pandemic full-time job. Aanastasia steered the ship at our market depot for many months, keeping track of the huge number of products passing through with admirable calm. She has also helped many customers and vendors to sort out mixups so that we can keep sailing along on course. Thanks for everything Aanastasia!
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Bring us your Mason jars! There is a serious shortage of canning jars and lids in Ontario! Mason-style jars and lids. Please look in your cupboards for any extras and bring them down to the depot so they can be sterilized for re-use!

After feeding your spring fever, I think I should add a note that we will have to wait a while yet for much in the way of fresh local harvests to be ready. Patience is not easy at this exciting time of year, but it’s all coming…. Fortunately, we have a huge selection of preserved and prepared foodsbakingcheesesmeatsand more to keep us well-fed while the spring crops grow.

Hang in there, seasonal eaters!

We hope you enjoy your market orders,

Anne & the Crew

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 In Community News:

A note from Dufferin Grove Staff past and present:

Hello friends. We just wanted to provide an update on the fundrazr for [longtime park staff member] Maricela. Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser so far.

Restrictions on travel and movement have prevented the family from having a community memorial in Maricela’s name, and taking her ashes back to Mexico. The staff at Dufferin Park are hoping for a late spring gathering to honour Maricela. The children are hoping to carry out her last wishes to be put to rest in Mexico by the summer.  To this end, we will be extending this fundraiser till June. The spring sun was always a time of renewed efforts by the staff at Dufferin Grove park. Similarly, we hope to renew our efforts in reaching our goal and delivering this help to Maricela’s family over the next few months. Thank you to all.

Dufferin Grove Park staff

We love libraries:

TPL: Raymond Lam at Bloor-Gladstone Library wrote to spread the word that computers, printing/photocopying/scanning and washrooms are once again available, although customers will need to continue placing holds on items for pickup, and browsing/studying isn’t permitted yet.