We Approve of June

We Approve of June

Hello Market Friends:

When someone at the market depot does something exceptional, they earn a cartwheel from Nicole Jacobs. With all the spectacular produce our growers are bringing in, I am worried that she will get worn out this week!

we approve of june
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We’ve got lettuces so lovely they could inspire a sonnet, a spread of healthy farm-grown seedlings just begging you to find a spot to plant them, and enough good things for dinner that you might have to eat supper as well.

Here’s a tongue twister for you: Quick, which of Sosnickis 6 crops will you pick?

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And a riddle: by next Thursday, which small, sweet, red delights do they predict will start appearing?

The calendar says you have a few more weeks to finish spring cleaning, so how about a new broom from the spectacular broom rack Bobby custom made for our depot? The rack will be refilled regularly now with brooms designed for every sweeper.

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Advance Notice: at the end of the month, Helen is moving to Montreal. Don’t delay! Treat yourself to some of Helen Mends’ handy (re-) creations before she goes. We will miss seeing Helen and her inventive wares, and we wish her all the best.

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Extra Advance Notice: The market will be closed for the week which includes Thursday July 1st. It’s time for our farmers, vendors and crew to take a break!

We will be sharing the St. Anne’s parking lot with the gardeners of Project Swallowtail this week. They will be stopping by to pick up pre-purchased pollinator positive plants. Please be aware that this is not a sale which is open to the general public, although you can get involved in their goal of creating a pollinator-friendly corridor through the west end of Toronto.

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Chicken Thighs
From Harley Farms – 12$
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Jerk Sauce – 250 ml
From The Greenhouse Eatery 8$

In honour of our new grass-fed milk and the well-cared-for cows who produce it, I want to share a poem by Marilyn Singer, which MUST be read aloud (no matter who’s listening!)


I approve of June

Fresh food to chew

    and chew

    and chew

Lots of room to move around

    or lie down

Not too hot

Not too cold

Not too wet

Not too dry

A good roof of sky over me and my calf

Who’s now halfway up

    on new legs

He’ll want a meal real soon

Yes, I approve of June

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Enjoy the beautiful month ahead!

Anne & the Market Crew

Poem from Turtle in July, by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney,
Macmillan, 1989