Hip Hip Hooray for Strawberry Days!

Hip Hip Hooray for Strawberry Days!

Hello Market Friends:

At noon on Saturday, our site briefly froze. I wondered if it was all our strawberry-hungry fans trying to order at the same time, but fortunately it was back in action after just a few messages from panic-stricken customers had arrived.

I hope everyone will get a taste of these June jewels. Our growers’ berries are exceptionally delicious because they are organically grown. As Jessie Sosnicki says, theirs are ‘proudly sprayed with absolutely nothing’, Reye’s Farms June strawberries are organically grown (in transition to certification under the supervision of Pro-Cert), and Marvellous Edibles’ are certified organic too, of course. Please take a moment to think about how much work, skill and care goes into producing strawberries organically as you enjoy them, and send grateful thoughts to our farmers!

Of course, strawberries are not the only wonderful thing about June….

hip hip hooray for strawberry days
Ranunculus – farmers’ choice colours
From Aldergrove Farm – 10$

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Kamut Peanut Butter cookie (6 pc)
From Robinson Bakery, 14$

Kudos to our small-scale farmers for beating the clock to produce a terrific variety of early summer crops! Audrey from The Greenhouse Eatery had the first snap peas, garlic scapes, summer turnips and baby beets, and Cheyenne from Sundance Harvest had collard greens, Italian chicory and cherry tomatoes on her list, but most of these growers’ offerings were snapped up by enthusiastic Dufferin shoppers within hours of the site opening.

In the great lettuce sweepstakes, we haven’t declared a winner yet, because they’re all so good!

Which are you in the mood for this week? Crunchy Romaine, tender Red or Green Boston, Ruffled Red or Green Leaf, or retro Iceberg? We’ve got ’em all, and you can buy them by the head, or let the farmers make tasty salad mixes for you.

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Veggie Pakoras
From Magic Oven 12$
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Arctic Char Fillet
From First Fish, 9$

To know Lhundup and Tsewang of TC’s Tibetan Momos is to love them. They are kind and generous people who are a total pleasure to work with. So we are relieved to share with you that after a week spent in the ICU, Lhundup is resting at home and on the rebound after a nasty bout of Covid-19. They will be away for a few more weeks, and we look forward to welcoming them back by eating many many momos!

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MotherDough Mill and Bakery keeps adding ever-more tantalizing descriptions of their wares, Here’s an example: “Morning buns are baked in a large muffin tin, so the sugar and butter involved in making them creates an outer layer of caramel. The inside is soft and sweet with organic orange zest and fair trade, organic sugar and spices.” Resistance is futile.

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Forbes Wild Foods invites you to explore the taste of the ocean with salicornia (sea asparagus) fresh from Canada’s coastline!

The Swallowtail Project distributed a whole lotta pollinator-friendly plants last Thursday, and many happy gardeners enjoyed visiting the market, too.

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We are huge fans of Repair Cafe Toronto, and we’re not going to let Covid get in the way of their great work! On June 17th (next Thursday), our heroes Paul and Fern will be waiting to greet you and your possessions which need repairs (TWO maximum per person please).

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Unlike other years, they won’t be able to bring their squad of ‘Fixers’ along, so Paul and Fern will take objects away for repair, and contact you when your repaired things are ready for pickup at the market depot. Don’t pitch it, fix it!

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Sometimes it is hard for growers to be sure of what they will have for us almost a week ahead when it’s time to submit their inventory lists. We have been the lucky recipients of lots of surprises to sell on the spot recently, including beautiful bouquets fresh from Essa Seedlings. Some of our staff immediately stepped up to buy bunches to take home. Liz will have bouquets to list on the site as well soon.

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Savour the moment all month long!

Anne & the Market Crew