You Gotta Make Your Own

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Hello Market Friends:

You can’t go to the movies, you can’t hang around in your favourite café, and all the museums and galleries are closed. What is there to do in this town? If you lived in the country, you wouldn’t have all these options at the best of times! My brother and his wife live on the farm where I grew up, and one of their favourite pastimes is watching CTV. The C stands for Chicken in this case; they sit out back enjoying the activities of their flock of free-range heritage breed chickens. Sometimes you have to find ways to make your own fun! 

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Recently one of my most enjoyable activities has been corresponding with a new market penpal. As is the case with many other loyal market-goers, I have known Maia Waern by face but not by name for years. (Fortunately Nicole is always happy to help me out!) Turns out Maia is a songwriter, photographer and bird watcher who was delighted to grant permission to share a couple of her videos with you. 


The first one is called Early This Morning, and it is about backyard birds, surely one of the sweetest forms of at home in the city entertainment. Test your knowledge by watching the video first without sound and naming as many bird species as you can. Then see how well you did by watching it again with the sound on. Take the challenge; it’s fun!

Magic Oven

General Tso Tempeh


citrus-soy glaze with rainbow peppers

Bees Universe

Buckwheat Honey


Pure Not Pasteurized Honey Coming From Buckwheat Flowers. Dark, full bodied and delicious!

Spade and Spoon

Autumn Chutney


Full of autumn flavors like apples, carrots, onions and garlic, this chutney is most distinct due to its malted vinegar base. Delicious in sandwiches, on cheese and crackers, or as an accompaniment to your meals.


An apoproachable, nutritious whole wheat bread the whole family will love.

All Sorts Acres Farm

Mouse the Sheep Wool Painting Kit


This kit contains everything you need to make a felt painting. Includes: farm-grown naturally dyed and coloured wool, felting needles,instructions,and felt backing with original design, foam felting base,.


Pure 100% beeswax. Researches show that burning beeswax produces negative ions which neutralize odors and purifies the air.

Spade and Spoon

Pear Ginger Jam



Urban Harvest

Tomato Oxheart Seeds


We enjoyed these Oxhearts so much last summer. Big, meaty yet juicy hearts. Great raw for sandwiches or for your favourite tomato sauce. Very popular in Italy, we saw these all over the vegetable markets. Heirloom, Indeterminate.

Bees Universe

Turmeric Honey


Synergy combined effects are greater than the sum of their separate effects. This certainly applies to Honey and Turmeric. Each one has amazing medicinal properties. But combining these two natural remedies, takes it to the next level!

Harley Farms



Lasagna with grass-fed beef

Lev Bakery

Olive Fougasse


Our Olive Fougasse is made with manzanilla & kalamata olives and finished with Angelo’s olive oil from dufferin grov emarket

Urban Harvest

Rose Hip Seed Oil


30ml Organic rose oil as a pure moisturizer, good for fine lines and as a eye cream

Forbes Wild Foods

Maple Sugar, Organic 227g


Maple Sugar is maple syrup with all the liquid cooked out, what remains resembles brown sugar in color, but retains amazing taste from the trees. Great in tea or coffee or sprinkled anywhere sugar is used.


Tall snapdragons are beautiful, 30"-36" flower spikes in a brilliant range of colors: pink, red, yellow, lavender, and rose shades. They make wonderful cut flowers and wave in the breeze of the cottage garden. They are native to southern Europe. Bloom period is all summer long and early fall. Sow seeds indoors a few weeks before the last frost or directly in the garden. Cover lightly with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until they germinate.

First Fish

Turbot Fillet


Raw Turbot Fillet (Soft & delicate fish, in the halibut family). Roughly 130g.

Urban Harvest

Rosemary Hydrosol


60ml A great toner for oily shin, This hydrosol is a wonderful skin and hair toner


in a coconut sauce with tomatoes and onions - aromatic and mildly spiced (gluten free, vegetarian) - 550gms - serves 2

Forbes Wild Foods

Evergreen Forest Tea, 50g


Our Evergreen Forest Tea is a lovely blend of balsam, eastern white cedar and spruce tips. The sweetness of the balsam combined with the citrusy spruce and rich cedar makes this blend particularly tasty. While some of the flavours may remind you of Christmas, this is an excellent blend to bring back memories of cottaging and camping. Experience the Canadian wilderness in a cup of tea with Forbes Wild Foods first tea blend.

 was pretty happy with my results, but I didn’t know there were Chimney Swifts in Toronto! Here is what Maia told me:


“I learned about Chimney Swifts when a developer had to stop plans to tear down the church at the north/east corner of St Clair West and Wychwood because there are Chimney Swifts, which are listed as Threatened under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, living in the chimney! And at around the same time, my neighbour, whose multiple types of bird feeders are greatly responsible for many of the migrators’ names in my Early This Morning song, casually and kindly corrected me during a lovely sidewalk-to-porch chat, saying that the chattering birds that I called Swallows (in more than one song, I might add) were actually Chimney Swifts. Mind beautifully blown…and lyrics rewritten!”


If you are itching for a getaway, Maia’s second video will take you out of town without leaving your chair. 


Spending a little time browsing round our website is quite entertaining too, if we do say so ourselves!


We have Nith Valley Organics’ outstanding winter veg again this week. Their double-sized bags of greens were snatched up mighty quickly, so you might have to console yourself with one of their Chicken Pies, which are reputed to be amazing.

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One more thing I learned from Maia is that Nathan Klassen, principal farmer at Nith Valley, has an amazing singing voice! She says “his harmonies are hand-on-heart beautiful.” I wonder if we could persuade Nathan to list singing telegrams along with turnips?

I’m sure by now you all know that Plan B is the place to go for Fresh Organic Imports like bananas, limes, and avocados, but I hope they haven’t been pigeonholed in your mind. Maybe give their Plan B Farm Kitchen items a try like their Salsa Verde, Kimchi, or Hot Pink Hot Sauce.

We have a lovely supply of Dry Sour Cherries from GreenFlorin right now. Described by Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer as “sour patch kids for adults!” LaPapampa continues to have four dollars off of four packs of dried mangos if you are looking for healthy snacks! 

Alchemy Pickle Company

Cranberry Chamomile Kombucha – 1L


1 litre growler, price includes $3 deposit. Brewed with organic nettle leaf and chamomile flowers, this light and tart Kombucha has a clear cranberry blush. These herbs are known for many uses in traditional medicines. Caffeine free. **Please return your empty growler to the market to receive your deposit back.


Ingredients: Gluten-free oats, Banana, Dates, Coconut, 100% chocolate, Cinnamon, Sea salt (100% organic) Package Size: 1 x 90g cookie

Harley Farms

Chicken breast


High welfare chicken breast 2/pkg

Kind Organics

Endive 125g



The Great Canadian Indoor Broom is a must-have sturdy and reliable broom for jobs inside the home. This broom includes a generous amount of premium gold colour broomcorn and stitched with red and black twine. The 1 inch red softwood handle makes it a lighter broom.

Robinson Bread

Sesame Baguette


Baguette, made with organic white wheat, and yellow flint corn covered in sesame seeds

Earth and City

Lemon Tahini Dressing


Ingredients: Lemon juice*, Olive oil*, Tahini*, Dates, Dijon mustard, Sea salt*, Garlic*, Black pepper* (*organic) Package Size: 16 oz (recyclable bottle)

Bees Universe

Royal Jelly


Highly nutritious and with potential antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Can be taken orally or applied directly to skin. Requires Refrigeration.

We have a lovely supply of Dry Sour Cherries from GreenFlorin right now, described by Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer as “sour patch kids for adults!” LaPapampa continues to have $4 off of four packs of dried mangoes if you are looking for healthy snacks!

I’m looking at all the variety from All Sorts Acres as I write: PickerelKefirSheep Milk SoapChicken Noodle SoupLamb ChopsFelting KitsPecorino CheeseDryer Balls… Their page looks like a mini farmers’ market inside of our market! Everything Jennifer and Tim bring us is superb and I must assume you will find something on their page that piques your interest! 

Congratulations to James and Jessica on the arrival of Jackson James Harley, born on January 11th. Could this be the first of a third generation of Harley farmers?

Now the birds are calling… 

Until next time,

Anne and the Market Crew