The News Is Out

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While I write, a dusting of snow is falling, but the sap is running, and we can’t wait any longer to share our spring plans with you.

After two years of putting huge energy into re-inventing the market, we are returning to the park on May 19th, 2022! 

Like most things which are beginning again, it will be a different market than the one which was abruptly halted by Covid. Time for another re-invention!

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Construction at the northwest corner of the park is nowhere close to being finished, so we will be setting up in a new spot at the south end, along the Gladstone Path (next to the Cob Kitchen and the wading pool). 

It’s a great location! For one thing, the ground is flat, so we won’t have to worry about people accidentally rolling down the hill while they peruse the prepared food offerings. Also, people on Dufferin Street will still be able to see that something interesting is happening, which matters a lot to the vendors. Our spot will be very handy for families enjoying the playground and wading pool, too!

However, there will be no Park Food Programs this year, including no bread baking, which will be missed. We are making plans to fill the gaps this season, including a special Kids’ Food Table which we want to pilot.

The vendor list has changed quite a bit since 2020, with departures as well as additions, but we are looking forward to a joyful reunion of farmers, vendors and eaters! 

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NOW, before you turn your calendar as well as your clocks forward, we need to consider what will happen to our online market. Along with the many people who will be delighted to see the in-person market return, we know there are those who have come to rely on having food delivered, due to time or mobility constraints, as well as people who enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. We would like to find a way to continue this service.

There are several reasons why we are considering operating as a ‘hybrid’ this year, including that we have no indoor home for the market at the end of the outdoor season.

Beginning next week, we will ask you to fill out a survey about options once we move to the park. Remember, we are all in this together (as the old saying goes). We know that nobody likes surveys, but we really need your help to plan wisely, so please think about what you will actually use!

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And please think about the spirit of the market: the gratitude and loyalty we have to the people who grow and make real, good food for us while caring for the earth, the hope we have for new ventures which we can foster, and the community we can all help to build.


It’s another week of ramping up for spring on the online store. Nith Valley is again bringing us tons of greens, veggies and other farm delights. Special offers on potatoes and popcorn continue with Natures Way.

This is THE week to get Purim surprise bags (mishloach manot) which can be found on our Purim Page. We were even featured in Niv Magazine to showcase our Purim initiatives. A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has purchased matanot l’evonim this year and last. Our market community has definitely grown thanks to everyone who has taken part. Thank you to Niv for speaking with us about Purim and community!

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Tapioca has tamales on special and La Mexicana continues to expand their selection with items like salsas and chips.

Spade & Spoon tells us the maple sap is flowing! It’s a great time to get some maple syrups or butters to help support the sweet work to be done!

See you Thursday!

Anne, Nicole, Matt and the rest of the Gang

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