Summertime Sunshine

Sweet summertime

After a few weeks of that intense humidity and heat we were blessed with arguably the most beautiful day so far this summer, and neither us or the vendors took that for granted as we had one of the most successful days of the year!

I’d like to give an extra special shout-out to Nicole, our new market manager, as she has taken on so much since taking over and has, simply put, been killing it! Some of the most valuable things a market manager (or person) can have is compassion, kindness and a supreme willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and I can say from first hand experience that Nicole not only has these traits in spades but spreads that energy as often as she can; many times in the form of cartwheels, as I’m sure many of you have been privy to!

Anne and nicole

Anne and Nicole From the start of the Market Season 🙂

We are also welcoming Nature’s Way back to the in person market, so if you missed out on their delicious cucumbers and freshly popped popcorn make sure you come by and see them next week to get your fix! Their Sweet and Salty mix is to die for!

Its popcorn scaled 1

All the different kinds of popcorn available from Nature’s Way!

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Sadly Ying Ying Soy has been swamped lately and will no longer be on the online market until later in the summer, but we will make sure you know when they are back!!

There is also a special massage therapy workshop happening, held by Anarres Natural Health, here is a link to their site 🙂

Essa seedlings greenhouse

Essa Seedling’s Greenhouse

Essa Seedlings will also now be bi-weekly, however is always on the Online Store so we can still get those sprouts delivered to you!

Whether it was indulging in the amazing veggies, fresh baked bread, or freshly made food I hope you all got to enjoy some of the weather and atmosphere.
See you next Thursday 🙂

20220602 1508021

Reyes Farms Team Hard at Work

Also a quick reminder that Repair Cafe will be at the market this Thursday! So if you need something fixed, now is the time!

Repairdetails 1024x672 1

LIST of VENDORS _ July 14, 2022 

Farmers, Dairy & Meats: ● Reyes Farms 

  • Greenhouse Eatery 
  • Aldergrove Farm 
  • All Sorts Acres 
  • Kooner Farms 
  • Nature’s Way 
  • Summergreen 
  • Sosnicki Organics
  • Nith Valley 
  • Bees Universe 
  • Monforte Dairy 
  • Country Meadow 
  • First Fish 

Prepared Foods:

  • La Mexicana 
  • Tapioca Toronto 
  • Magic Oven 
  • Earth + City

Bakery, Preserves, & Specialty:

  • Robinson Bakery
  • Lev Bakery 
  • Forbes Wild Foods 
  • Green Florin 
  • Bruized 
  • ChocoSol 

Wine, Cider & Brewery:

● N/A 🙁

Special Events/Guests:

● Repair Cafe
● Anarres Health
● Community Fridges